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We aim to assist all our customers, and in order to save time and make it easier for you; here is a list of some of the most common questions sent to our Customer Support team.

You can also get Instant Answers by clicking on the "Have a Question?" bubble at the bottom left hand corner of the page.

Below are some common questions about the ordering process, sales tax, VAT and other order-related issues.

My order was declined. 
When "credit card was declined" appears while processing an order, it means that your credit card issuer/bank has declined the transaction. Usually, a quick call to your card issuer/bank will clear this up.

Please note that all orders are reviewed by BlueSnap and a very small percentage of them are declined if inconsistencies are identified by our system. If this is the case, you will receive an email from BlueSnap informing you that your order was declined. If you wish to place your order again, you may do so. Please be sure to include your full name, correct address and a phone number where you can be reached in the event that we need to reach you in order to verify the order.

I am having ordering difficulties. 
Please check your spam and/or junk mail folders as the email may have been sent there. If you are still unable to locate the email you may contact the merchant directly or you may obtain a copy of your receipt and/or invoice here.

I did not receive my confirmation email/receipt email. 
Please check your spam and/or junk mail folders as the email may have been sent there. If you are still unable to locate the email you may contact the merchant directly or you may email BlueSnap Customer Support at for assistance.

The download link has expired, and I need to download again. 
To reactivate your download, contact the merchant from whom you bought your product.

I was double-charged. 
We are here to help! Please double-check with your credit-card provider: sometimes they will hold more than one transaction in Pending status, especially if it took a few tries to complete the transaction. If there is more than one transaction in “Settled” status, please fax your credit card statement or other written confirmation to us at +1-858-777-5553 and we will gladly review the situation.

I want to pay by wire transfer and need your bank information. 
Please select "Wire" as the payment method in the order page. After clicking the "Next" button, you will be directed to a page with detailed instructions, including your order reference number and our bank details.

I am concerned that your order page is not secure. 
Our Order Pages are hosted in a very secure environment. However, there are a number of settings your merchant may have selected that cause the padlock graphic not to show in your browser. The most common are that either the payment page is nested in a frame (the payment process is secure, but the frame-set in which it is displayed may not be); or the merchant uses non-secure graphics, which makes the browser think the entire page is insecure.

Please accept our assurances that your transactions are always conducted over secure connections. If you would still prefer to complete the transaction by telephone please select the phone order option on the product purchase form and you will be given the relevant phone number to call to complete the transaction.

How Is Sales Tax Calculated? 
As part of our on-going commitment to remain tax compliant, shoppers from California and Massachusetts are required to pay tax. For CA, tax is only being charged for physical goods, while in MA, tax is charged on all types of orders.

How Is VAT Calculated? 
We collect VAT from all EU consumers who do not have a valid VAT ID for electronically delivered products. We collect this VAT and pay it directly to the relevant national authorities.

Can I Use a Purchase Order? 
This method is usually used by larger corporations and is available only for orders of $100 USD or more. Purchase orders are processed in the manner described below:

  • Generate a Quote or Proforma Invoice from the relevant merchant's online order page.
  • Fax us your completed purchase order and our Proforma Invoice.
  • We enter your purchase order into our system, where it awaits merchant approval.
  • Once the purchase order is approved, the order is processed. Depending on the merchant, the product will either be delivered immediately or after payment has been received.
  • You will receive an invoice from us with instructions on how to send payment.

I can't use my product - who should I call? 
BlueSnap is your eCommerce solutions provider and works with thousands of merchants to distribute great products around the world. As we work exclusively on the eCommerce element of your purchase, please contact the merchant directly for all product support.

Customer support hours 
Saturday - Sunday: 10pm (Saturday) - 8am (Sunday) PST
Monday - Thursday: Closed 6pm - 10pm PST - otherwise open around the clock
Friday: 7AM - 6pm PST

I need technical support with my purchase - who should I contact? 
All requests for technical support or product related questions should be directed to the merchant.

Can I have a copy of your W-9 form? 
Please click on the PDF link below for a copy of our W-9 company form.

BlueSnap w9 form

All requests for technical support or product related questions should be directed to the merchant.
If the information you required was not included in this page, please feel free to contact  Customer Support.

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