Make money selling more than your products.

Become an Affiliate

As an affiliate, it’s simple to promote products, attract an audience, build a following, and earn commissions. BlueSnap provides an advanced marketing system that ensures affiliates the best digital products with the highest payouts.


Get Your Links

Whether you are into paid search, banner arbitrage, article submission, cloning blogs, creating micro-sites or simply seeding links into chat groups & forums we have you covered. BlueSnap provides:


Buy Links
Trial Download links
Product information links
This means you have the potential to earn even higher commissions because you can direct your traffic to a specific product page, to the download or trial page, or directly to the order page.

Optimize Your Campaigns

BlueSnap enables you to use coupons, which are provided by each merchant, to attract more traffic to your campaigns. These coupons also provide an additional method of tracking the origin of each sale.


In addition, you can even create your own order page template to optimize the shopper experience.


In order to run a successful campaign, you need to know the results being produced in real-time. You will be able to view a multitude of statistical sources that will allow you to optimize and see what your best performing offers are through a combination of click-thru and sales data.


Real-time sales and revenue reports
Live sales notification
Analyze and assess all aspects of performance
Geospatial reports
Customized & scheduled reports available
Google Analytics & custom TID’s (tracking id’s) supported

Getting Paid

BlueSnap knows how important it is to be paid in full and on time.