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Get Your Links

Get your links

Easier than ever to find products, get links, and make money.

Once you’re signed up as an affiliate, simply search the Marketplace to find products that are offered for affiliates: you can see clear details on the product and on the commission rates being offered. When you find products you want to resell, simply click the link to let the vendor know your interested – they’ll get right back to you and get you selling. If a product is set to auto-approval there is no need to even wait. It will be automatically added to your BlueSnap Control Panel upon request and you can grab your links & go.

As long as you are approved to sell the product & your affiliate username is appended to the link you’ll be credited for each sale. We also store a cookie on the customer’s browser for 90 days – so you’ll get credit even if they come back later to finally make a purchase. Alternatively, you can use coupon and promotion codes to make the product even more appealing, and to track even those users who clear their cookie cache.

BuyNow Link:

BuyNow Link with affiliate tracking added.

NOTE: in order for the tracking to be implemented correctly you MUST USE your account number and not your account name.