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Optimize Your Campaigns

Optimize your campaigns

Selling & promoting

Deep links drive more traffic and more revenue!
In addition, BlueSnap affiliate links can be easily integrated into any site as text links, banner ads or as product marketing content that can turn turn any website into an online store.

Get Paid for your Looks!

BlueSnap works with all forms of traffic generation that includes email list owners, search engine marketers, contextual traffic firms, social media experts and co-registration delivery specialists. Whether you are into paid search, banner arbitrage, article submission, cloning blogs, creating micro-sites or simply seeding links into chat groups & forums – we have you covered. The BlueSnap Network is defined by an affiliate’s ability to place “Deep Links” within your website.

BlueSnap provides:

  • Buy links
  • Trial download links
  • Product information links

This means you have the potential to earn even higher commissions because you can direct your site visitors to a specific product or service within a merchant’s website, rather than simply directing them to the merchant’s homepage.

With these three conversion mechanisms you can:

  • Capture sales instantly
  • Utilize the tried & proven try & buy method or even
  • Direct the most curious of end users to landing pages with additional product information, Buy & Try links