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BlueSnap Product Update V3.1.0

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Update V3.1.0

This release introduces the following new features:

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1. Automated Subscription Reminders Now Support WebMoney and Real-Time Bank Transfer Payment Methods!

Using BlueSnap’s Automated Subscription Reminders, you can offer more payment type options when selling subscriptions. We have expanded the list of payment method options to now include:

  • WebMoney:?is a form of electronic money and online payment system. Mostly supported in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbajan and other former Russian states. In addition WebMoney is now also supported in South America, Central Asia and Europe.
  • iDeal: is an online payment system based on online banking. iDeal is available in the Netherlands.
  • GiroPay: is an online payment system based on online banking. GiroPay is available in Germany.
  • eNets: is a direct debit system. eNets is available in Singapore.
  • Sofortueberweisung: is an online payment system based on online banking. It is offered in the following coutries – Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Swiss, Great Britain.
  • Wire Transfers: Released last month (with Phase 1 of the feature release), wire transfers are great for merchants with B2B products selling recurring payments in countries where credit cards are not a popular method.

What this means for your global sales?
You can now start to expand to additional global markets with your recurring payments!

How Does it Work?
The initial purchase of the subscription will occur as usual, except that payments supported by Automatic Subscription Reminders will be displayed to your customers on the BuyNow page. For each renewal payment, the shopper will receive up to 3 automated reminders, which will contain a direct link to the order page.>
Tip: Don’t forget to set up the relevant payment method to “Show” in Account > Optional Buynow Settings

What if I?have customized BuyNow templates?
For merchants who have customized their order pages and need help with adding or fixing the display of the new Automated Subscription Reminder payments, please contact?

To learn more about our new?Automated Subscription Reminders?feature, you can go to?Help Center?or contact?merchant support.

2. Optimized Mobile Checkout Pages (Coming Soon!)

According to Forbes, “..more than 20% of all eCommerce shopping sessions are already happening on mobile devices – and the number is growing by 2-3x each year. Over the next 18-36 months, mobile will comprise more than 50 percent of all eCommerce shopping sessions, becoming the primary way people shop online.”

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of our mobile BuyNow template at the end of March. This template has been optimized and designed to ensure that your customers has easily purchase via their mobile devices. This enhancement appeals to many potential shoppers that will surely increase conversion rates and definitely turn your shoppers to buyers.

How it works?
The new mobile template can be associated with any of your BuyNow pages. Based on built-in detection, once we detect that your shopper is viewing the BuyNow page from a mobile device, we’ll display the mobile template.

What’s supported?
The first phase of the new mobile template will be supporting PayPal and credit cards.

How can you find out more?
Sign up to receive updates on when the mobile template will be released! Simply send your contact email to:?


3. Support of AMEX in Israeli Shekels

The processing of AMEX credit-cards in Israeli local currency (ILS) is now supported. This option in addition to the many other supported localized payment methods and currencies, enables you to continue to grow your sales in local markets!

4. BlueSnap Web Service Enhancements

Adding to our already robust and multifaceted Web service platform, we have greatly improved the response time of both the?Retrieve Order History?and?Retrieve Subscription History?Web services. So, Merchants that want to retrieve a list of previously purchased orders of a subscriber or a list of previously purchased subscriptions from their online store, can now seamlessly retrieve the information and receive an even faster response time.

For more information on BlueSnap’s Web Services (API), please visit the?Help Center.