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BlueSnap Product Updates V.3.9.0

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Updates V.3.9.0

Product Updates V.3.9.0

This release introduces the following new features:

1.Get Ready for Apple iOS 8-Accept Payments on iPhone 6

Accepting card payments through your app just got easier on iPhone 6. Merchants using BlueSnap to process payments can now use client-side encryption to make PCI compliance a snap. BlueSnap’s client-side encryption is available for iOS, Android and the web.

Did you know you can use BlueSnap Client-Side Encryption to securely host and customize your own checkout pages?

BlueSnap offers In-App Payments with Client-Side Encryption:

  • Full control over your own native, in-app payment page
  • No need for re-directs
  • Simplified PCI compliance

What is the process flow?

Learn more here.Who can use it?

Any BlueSnap merchant can take advantage of this CSE. To activate, simply download the SAQ A form, complete and send to Merchant Support to be approved.

Note that Client-Side Encryption works with the BlueSnap payments API, which you can learn about here

What are BlueSnap’s other integration options?

BlueSnap allows you to integrate on your terms. Use our BuyNow hosted checkout pages and/or our comprehensive payments APIs with client-side encryption. Or if you use PrestaShop or Magento eCommerce platform, simply use the BlueSnap extension to plug in to your store. Learn more about the integration options that work for you.

2. Process More Payments Correctly with Improved PayPal Subscription Integration

BlueSnap has implemented an improvement to our current PayPal subscription integration. This improvement is designed to further maximize the opportunity for your payments to process correctly every single time.

Instead of sending failure to charge IPNs after 24 hours, BlueSnap will now wait 48 hours to allow the optimal time for PayPal’s successful response.

3. Sell More in to China by Offering Alipay, with No Development Necessary

Alipay is the largest 3rd party payment provider in China with over 550 million registered users, dominating the Chinese market with 50% of online payments. Alipay is a Wallet that can be funded by cash, bank transfer or card payment. It allows anyone to pay online, by entering a user name and password, without sharing their financial information.

If you are not offering Alipay today, simply email and we’ll activate Alipay on your account to get you selling in China