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BlueSnap Product Updates V1.39

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Updates V1.39

This release introduces the following new features:

1. Increased Shopper Confidence with New BuyNow Messaging

As this feature is being rolled out gradually over the next few weeks, you may not initially see the
messages on the BuyNow page on the date of the release.

With all the fraud attempts and misuse of personal information including payment details, it is to no surprise
that Visa and MasterCard have issued some new regulations.
Plimus will automatically add relevant messaging to the BuyNow pages, to ensure that Shoppers understand
their payment details and options for future purchases.

Adding these notices and disclaimers, gives customers the extra confidence when making a purchase.

The following changes have been adapted for Shoppers consent of allowing the Seller to use payment
information for future purchases or services:

  1. Disclaimer on the BuyNow page for Standard Subscription, Standard Subscription with Trial, Initial
    Charge follow by Subscription:
    By submitting this order, I agree to the subscription amount & charge frequency stated in this order
  2. Disclaimer on the BuyNow page for On-Demand, On-Demand without Initial Charge, Custom Plan:
    By submitting this order, I agree to be charged for variable amounts & charge frequencies
    as stated in this order
  3. Checkbox added to the BuyNow page of the first purchase, enabling Shoppers to permit Sellers to use
    their payment details for single-click purchases in the future.
  4. A message on recurring payment terms has also been added to receipt emails.

If Shopper changes their mind regarding the consent of the disclaimer, can they update the settings?

Yes, if the disclaimer appeared in the BuyNow, the Shopper can later manage the settings
in the?Shopper Control Panel.

2. Enhanced Shopper Control Panel Functionality

In order to help your Shoppers better manage their subscriptions, we have now enhanced the
payment update feature. Before Shoppers could easily change their payment details per subscription,
but now they can change the payment details for all subscriptions linked to the same payment
method in just one step.

When your Shoppers login to the?Shopper Control Panel?and update the payment method for a single
active subscription, they will see a new window displaying all their active subscriptions linked to the same
payment method of the subscription that was just updated.

The Shopper can choose:

  • No thanks, Continue: this will only update the initial subscription.
  • Yes, Apply to All: this will update all subscriptions listed in the table with the new payment method.

Tip: Did you know that you can coordinate the same look and feel of the Shopper Control Panel
with your company site? By using the same design, you expose a unified image to your Shoppers.
To do this, go to Shopper Experience > Shopper Panel Settings and select your Shopper Control Panel design.

3. More Global Coverage with Ukash

Ukash, a form of electronic money can be used to pay for items or services over the internet,
load money to your eWallet or used as a credit card. You do not need a bank account or credit card,
just cash to purchase the Ukash voucher at your local shop. The value of the voucher is worth the
amount you paid. It is supported in over 40 countries.

It has developed a strong following with younger shoppers or those that prefer not to subject their
personal data online.

The Ukash voucher contains a 19 digit Ukash code to be typed along with the amount when
selecting the payment method Ukash. If the whole amount is not used up, a change voucher
code is sent to the Shopper containing the remaining amount on the voucher. This change voucher
is to be used in the same way as the Ukash voucher.

The following countries support Ukash:

Czech RepublicCZK
New ZealandNZD
South AfricaZAR
United KingdomGBP

The Ukash payment option can be activated by accessing your Account -> Optional BuyNow Settings page.

Tip: If you have traffic in one of the countries listed, add the Ukash logo to your site to show your shoppers
that you now support this popular payment method.

4. Offline Payment Options Now Supported in Local Currencies

Offline payments are popular among those that prefer to stick to more traditional methods, and those
that question the security of online payments.

Even those that use offline payment methods prefer to pay in their local currency. Offering your customers
this option is known to increase conversion. This enhancement now offers Shoppers to use the various offline
methods and pay in their local currency.

The various offline methods include phone, fax, mail, check, and money order.

To support the method of payments as mentioned above, you must verify that the specified
payment method is set to be displayed in your account settings. This can be found by
clicking?Optional BuyNow Settings?from the?Shopper Experience?dropdown.

5. Saving the Customer Even After Credit Card Failure

Keeping Shoppers engaged even after their credit card update has failed is definitely a priority.

The new parameter?failureUrl?can now be passed in the request, when a customer is sent to update
a payment method via the Shopper Control Panel.

If authorization is declined, the customer will be redirected to the provided failure URL. For example,
you might want to redirect your customer to a support or contact page, or a page containing
troubleshooting issues.

6. Order Email Default Selection Update

When creating a new contract in the Seller Control Panel, the default template under the?Order Email?section
is set to?No Email should be sent when this contract is purchased.?Note: Existing contracts will not be
affected by this update.

To send an order email to your customers, select a template from the?Specific templatedropdown.
The default template is available in the dropdown list. The selected template will be sent to your customer
following a purchase of the specified contract.

7. Buy Anyware Web Service Updates

  • Retrieve Subscription response now includes additional information related to the recurring charge of the
    on-demand type subscription.
  • You can pass an unlimited number of custom field parameters – which are name and value –
    in the?<sku-parameter>?element. Previously, this update was limited to five custom fields.
  • Vat-code parameter validation in?<invoice-contact-info>?and?<shopper-info>
    has been updated from 8-14 to 8-25 characters
  • Allow-future-charges element, validation boolean, has been added to Retrieve Shopper service.
    This element indicates if Shopper selected the check box displayed in the initial purchase on the
    BuyNow page. This check box permits Sellers to use customer payment information for recurring
    subscription payments.
  • New exclusive error message for a Place Order request when Shopper did not
    authorize Seller to charge for future payments.
  • Retrieve Order now includes a cc expiration date element contained in