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BlueSnap Product Updates V1.41

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Updates V1.41

This release introduces the following new features:

1.Continued Rollout of the IPN

Joining the current IPN types (CHARGE, CANCELLATION, DECLINE) added to the new IPN Mechanism, we’ll
be releasing the next set which includes:


For more details on updated IPNs, go to the
Help Center


The new IPNs have been deployed to the Sandbox environment, so you can begin to test the new parameters.
It’ll be released gradually to production on?January 27th, 2013.

2. Offering Sellers the Option to Override a Contract Price to 0.00

As requested by our sellers, you can now override the price of a contract to 0.00.
Using the BuyNow parameters module, you can pass the override parameter (&overridePrice=) in the
Buynow URL of the contract and update the default price of the item to price 0.00.
Note: We highly recommend to update the?Allow Override Price?field in the contract setting to
Yes, Encrypted Parameter.

The following steps describes how to pass the override price parameter in the BuyNow URL using
our encryption method.

  1. From the Control Panel, go to the required contract. On the Contract General Information page,
    from the Allow Override Price list, select Yes, Encrypted parameter.
  2. Under the Allow Override Price field, click the Override Price Hash Generator link.
  3. Enter the required details and click the Generate Hash button.
  4. The following example shows the result of the encrypted overridePrice parameter:
    &contractId=2141743&overridePrice=0.00&bCur=USD&  opp=dc7e3b8090402e5fa98f685209017483
  5. You can copy the string displayed and add it to the BuyNow URL as shown in the following example:  &overridePrice=0.00&bCur=USD&opp=dc7e3b8090402e5fa98f685209017483

BlueSnap API Update

The sku-charge-price request element now supports a 0.00 amount.

3. Reporting of IPN Failure Sent to Admin Email

Notification of IPN failure will now be sent to your admin email address.
To update this address go to:?Settings>General Settings?and update the email under the
Email Settings?section in the?Admin email address field.

4. Update-Subscription Includes a New Element for Cancellation Reason

The following example shows an Update-Subscription WS passed including the

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<subscription xmlns="">
<cancellation-reason>Shopper does not want to continue
with subscription</cancellation-reason>

5. Test BuyNow Flow Button Fix

The?Test BuyNow Flow?button from the?BuyNow Template?has been fixed
to work in all environments.
The page includes all the fields and settings as configured in the?BuyNow Template?settings.


The steps to preview the BuyNow page are described as follows:

  1. From your account, click the Shopper Experience option from the sub-menu and
    select BuyNow Templates.
  2. From the Template Chooser window, click edit from the relevant template.
  3. Click the Test BuyNow Flow button from the BuyNow Template page.
    The BuyNow template is displayed in your browser including the style, source,
    steps and settings as configured for the template.

Using the Test BuyNow Flow enables you to preview and make any updates or changes accordingly
before finalizing the BuyNow template to be used by your contracts.