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BlueSnap Product Updates V3.10

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Updates V3.10

Product Updates V3.10

Product Version 3.10 has been Released

This release includes the following:

  • New payment conversion reporting
  • Updated sales reports
  • New and updated APIs
  • Expand global reach with 40+ new payment types

New Payment Conversion Reporting

Two NEW reports have been added to help you track your sales success and declines:

  • New Shopper Conversions Success Rates for BuyNow2 (unique shoppers only)
  • Payment Decline Report for BuyNow2 (includes all attempts by shoppers)

Updated Sales Reports

We have also updated the following reports to help you monitor your BuyNow traffic and sales:

  • Sales Report
  • Traffic Monitor Report
  • Sales with Multiple Products Report
  • Sales Summary of Multiple Products Report

You can check out this new functionality in the Sandbox today. BuyNow1 merchants can contact merchant support to take advantage of the BuyNow2 upgraded look and feel and functionality by contacting us at

New and Updated APIs for Even More Flexibility

We have added and updated the existing BlueSnap library of APIs to give you even more flexibility as you design your own checkout pages. We continue to build the most comprehensive and flexible APIs in the market.

  • Coupon API – Use the Coupon API to validate the coupon code entered on your shopping cart, return the discount in an amount or a percentage and apply the coupon discount to the shopping cart total.
  • Refund API ? The Refund API has been updated to allow you to issue partial refunds to your shoppers. Use the same API to perform full or partial refunds to provide your shoppers with the service they expect.
  • Card Error Codes ? We offer you access to multiple acquirers worldwide, improving your payment conversion rates. However card error codes can vary among acquirers. BlueSnap has made improvements to return a common set of codes across acquirers that will be returned in the APIs. This will help you identify the errors so that you can assist shoppers to complete their purchases. If you are using the current acquirer error codes already, you do not have to change your integration.

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Expand Global Reach with 40+ New Payment Types via API

  • Local Bank Transfer API ? You can use the new Bank Transfer API to allow your shoppers to provide a direct transfer of funds from their bank account to pay for their purchase. Bank Transfers are supported for payments in over 40 countries globally. This is an ideal payment option for users with credit card limits, or shoppers from countries such as India and Germany, where credit cards are less commonly used for online purchases.

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PCI 3.0 – Simplified with SecurityMetrics

We are pleased to announce that SecurityMetrics, a leader in data security and compliance, will provide PCI compliance services for BlueSnap merchants at no additional cost. The integration will ensure that you can comply with new PCI 3.0 regulations that went into effect on January 1, 2015. The initiative, in short, will require you to complete a SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) to comply with PCI 3.0 regulations. If you are using BuyNow pages you will only need to complete SAQ-A, which is a short and simple questionnaire. If you are using Client-side encryption you will be required to complete a longer SAQ-A-EP questionnaire. Security Metrics will automatically direct merchants to complete the form that fits their specific requirements and will assist with renewals and provide quarterly reviews to ensure that merchants remain compliant. ??To get started today call SecurityMetrics at (800) 557-4797 or enroll now at

Private Policy Update v.1.10?Please note that our privacy policy has been updated to reflect that we are now using the EU Safe Harbor dispute resolution services of the Better Business Bureau in place of services previously provided by TRUSTe. It now includes additional information relating to the use of social media widgets and tracking technologies.

Contact with any questions on taking advantage of this release.