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BlueSnap Product Updates V3.18

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Updates V3.18

It’s Time to Master LATAM Markets 

Historically, selling to Latin American markets has been a real headache. Between local credit cards, prohibitively high processing costs, and low conversions in eCommerce, LATAM doesn’t seem like a highly profitable market. Traverse the tax and other payments barriers thanks to BlueSnap’s LATAM Like a Local solution.

(Electronic) Checkmate: ACH gets new updates

Giving shoppers more ways to pay is a key strategy to fighting checkout abandonment. Electronic checks (ACH) are just one of many ways we help you meet customers where they are. Learn more about ACH benefits.

JSON Joins the Payment API

Developers rejoice! We’ve added JSON to our Payment API to make your developing experience simpler than ever before. Looks like Christmas came early this year.

Don’t Freeze Out Canada

Canada may just seem like our upstairs neighbor, but selling to our northern friends is much more complicated. We’re happy to announce new capabilities to the Powered Buy Platform that make selling to Canada easier than ever before.

Multiple Partial Refunds Improved in the PBP

We’ve improved the functionality in the Powered Buy Platform to allow merchants to issue multiple refunds against a single sale. This feature will be available in the Console and both the Payment and Extended APIs. Check out the details here.