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BlueSnap Product Updates V3.2.0

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Updates V3.2.0

The May Product Release will be deployed to your Sandbox accounts on Sunday, April 28th and to your Production accounts on May 5th.

This release introduces the following new features:

1. Introducing SnapConsole, a new Control Panel look!

Continuing with the BlueSnap re-branding, the Control Panel (SnapConsole), has now been fully updated to BlueSnap! In addition, we’re excited to introduce a new look, easy-to-use navigation and new functionality!

SnapConsole will be deployed to your Sandbox accounts on?April 28th,?so you can start to get familiar with the new layout.

Don’t have a sandbox account?
You can use:

The New SnapConsole Design!

Below you can view the new look:


Easy to Use Navigation
We’ve consolidated the multiple levels of navigation into a single main area, now located on the left which contains all your main features. All your settings and support resources are now located at the top, right of the control panel.

Better UX Experience
Get tired of always scrolling down the page to save it? Well, now you don’t have to! All actions now appear to the top, right of your page, and remain with you as you scroll down the page.


Ability to Duplicate Products!
Now, you can easily duplicate your products! This will duplicate all contracts, settings, custom fields, and files to the new product.
View tutorial


Continuation of the BlueSnap Re-branding!
With the design update, you’ll notice that all emails, texts and links have now been re-branded to BlueSnap.

  • Merchant Support?- For merchant support services, please use?
  • Login URLs?– following the May 5th release, you’ll be able to login to your account using: that your Plimus links will still be working, but we recommend you begin to use the BlueSnap domain).
  • Your Shoppers?– it’s important to note that your shoppers will still see Plimus for support and during checkout. The complete re-branding will occur in the next phase of this project.

Learn more about the SnapConsole Navigation

2. SnapMobile – Your Optimized Mobile Checkout

According to Forbes, “..more than 20% of all eCommerce shopping sessions are already happening on mobile devices – and the number is growing by 2-3x each year. Over the next 18-36 months, mobile will comprise more than 50 percent of all eCommerce shopping sessions, becoming the primary way people shop online.”HP_mobile_0

Keeping with the market trends, we’re excited to announce the official release of SnapMobile, your optimized mobile BuyNow template!

How it works?
The new mobile template can be associated with any of your BuyNow pages. Based on built-in detection, once we detect that your shopper is viewing the BuyNow page from a mobile device, we’ll display the mobile template.

What’s supported?
The first phase of the new mobile template will be supporting PayPal and credit cards.

Contact Us to Get Your Mobile Template

3. Automated Subscription Reminders now supports Real-Time Bank Transfers

Using BlueSnap’s Automated Subscription Reminders, you can offer more payment type options when selling subscriptions. We have expanded the list of payment method options to support Real-Time Bank transfers, which include:

  • iDeal: an online payment system based on online banking. iDeal is available in the Netherlands.
  • GiroPay: an online payment system based on online banking. GiroPay is available in Germany.
  • eNets: a direct debit system. eNets is available in Singapore.
  • Sofortueberweisung: an online payment system based on online banking. It is offered in the following countries – Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Austria.

What this means for your global sales?
Real-time bank transfers are popular methods of payment in the European market. Trying to increase European sales and selling subscriptions? Automated Subscription Reminders is your solution!

How Does it Work?
The initial purchase of the subscription will occur as usual, except that payments supported by Automatic Subscription Reminders will be displayed to your customers on the BuyNow page. For each renewal payment, the shopper will receive up to 3 automated reminders, which will contain a direct link to the order page.
Tip: Don’t forget to set up the relevant payment method to “Show” in Account > Optional Buynow Settings

What if I?have customized BuyNow templates?
For merchants who have customized their order pages and need help with adding or fixing the display of the new Automated Subscription Reminder payments, please contact?

Learn more

4. Enter the Chinese Market with Alipay

2013 is predicted to be the year that eCommerce in China exceeds the US with more than >242 million Chinese shopping online (6x UK, +75mill more than US, 2x Japan).*
With Alipay being the preferred payment method in the Chinese market, you can now expand your global sales to this region!

  • Supported countries:?Alipay is a leading payment method in China.
  • Audience:?Alipay is used by about 40% of the Chinese population.
  • BuyNow display:?Your customers will only see the Alipay if they select China as their country on the BuyNow page and select one of the currencies below.

Supported currencies (from China):

  • CAD
  • CHF
  • CNY
  • DKK
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • HKD
  • NOK
  • SEK
  • SGD

Learn about the Chinese Market*
*Provided by the Alibaba Group

5. Continuation of the IPN Rollout Updates

IPN TypeStatusDefault/Open by Request*Documentation
CANCELLATIONAlready liveDefault
REFUNDAlready liveDefault
CHARGEBACKAlready liveDefault
CONTRACT_CHANGEAlready liveDefault
DECLINEAlready liveDefault
RECURRINGReady for 3.2Default
CHARGEReady for 3.2Default
AUTH_ONLYReady for 3.2Default
CANCEL_ON_RENEWALReady for 3.2Default
PAYMENT_UPDATED**Ready for 3.2By Request
UNDER_REVIEWReady for 3.2By Request
UNDER_VENDOR_REVIEW**Ready for 3.2By Request

*To activate this IPN type, simply email Merchant Support at?

**New IPN Types

Learn More

6. API Improvements and Additional Updates

  • Taxation Compliance?– In order to continue with being compliant, starting May 5th, shoppers from Massachusetts will be required to pay Sales Tax.
  • Web Services?
    • Automated Subscription Reminders via API?the Automated Subscription Remineers renewal link has been exposed in the ‘Retrieve Subscription’ API.
    • Fix with Retrieve Fulfillment Information Web Service?– We fixed an issue when an order used default (not overridden) SKU name, the retrieval of download links would not display SKU name properly (in Retrieve Fulfillment Information web service).
    • VAT ID Validation?- Web Services now also use an EU VAT ID validation service. This means that if VAT ID is provided, we will check it against the official EU site. In case the service is unavailable, the following error will be displayed to a shopper:?“Due to a temporary timeout, we cannot confirm your VAT ID at this time. We recommend that you either try again in a few minutes or proceed with your order, without your VAT ID and then contact our customer support at? receive a reimbursement.”?Web service response in such case will return error code 10001, with the description of the error