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BlueSnap Product Updates V3.3.0

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Updates V3.3.0

The July Product Release will be deployed to your Sandbox accounts on Sunday, June 30th and to your Production accounts on July 7th.

This release introduces the following new features:

1. Automated Subscription Reminders now supports wire-transfer and WebMoney free trials (coming soon)

Due to popular request by our merchants, Automated Subscription Reminders has been enhanced to now support trial periods for wire transfers and WebMoney !

Payment details:

  • WebMoney: a form of electronic money and online payment system. Mostly supported in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbajan and other former Russian states. In addition WebMoney is now also supported in South America, Central Asia and Europe.
  • Wire transfers: Wire transfers are great for merchants with B2B products selling recurring payments. Both in the United States and around the globe, B2B clients prefer to pay via wire transfer.

Learn more about Automated Subscription Reminder Trials

Don’t know about Automated Subscription Reminders??Click here to learn more.

2. SnapConsole improvements and new features

With the new SnapConsole design (which you can view updates?here) that was released in May, we’ve been continuing to optimize it to enable you to easily navigate and make changes in your control panel.

The main focus for this release was on to improve the page load time in all SnapConsole pages and to add a new Product Catalog page to enable you to easily access your BuyNow links and contracts.

The new Product Catalog functionality includes:

  • Single page with access to both products and contracts
  • Direct link to BuyNow links and the BuyNow link generator
  • Dropdown to easily distinguish between your products and affiliated ones
  • New filter where you can view your products and contracts by “Date Modified”
  • Updated UI to fit the new SnapConsole theme

Note: You’ll still have access to the old product display in your Dashboard.


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3. Enhancements to Instant Payment Notifications – including multiple IPN support!

We’re excited to announce that the new IPN mechanism is currently active for almost all IPN types!

With the new IPN mechanism, there are now new reports and the ability to add multiple IPN destinations!

Reporting updates:

  • The report “IPN Sending Status” now provides a breakdown per IPN type and status. Including a summary of how many IPNs were sent/non sent.
  • A new report was created, called “IPN Locator” that allows you to search for specific IPNs by date, type, invoice or subscription ID.
IPN Sending Status

Multiple IPN URL destination insertion (coming soon):

You can now define multiple IPN URLs both at the account level and contract level!
In addition, we’ve updated the behavior for NEW contracts where if the Global IPN URL is selected at the account level, it’ll now be selected by default for new contracts. This will not change any of your existing contracts.


View full IPN Documentation

4. Auto-renew feature is now added in the SnapConsole

Have shoppers asking to cancel their subscription in the middle of their recurring cycle, BUT want to continue to enjoy the entire cycle they paid for? Well, now you can simply disable the renewal of the subscription!
Previously only available via the BlueSnap API, now, you’ll find the “Disable Auto-Renew” button in the Order Locator.

To ensure that the subscription will cancel at the end of the payment period, click?Disable Auto Renew?below.
If the shopper changes his mind and wants to continue with his subscription, you can simply re-enable the subscription renewal with the?Enable Auto Renew?button.

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5. Offer your shoppers e-Checks

E-Checks have now been enabled as a payment method in your control panel!
An electronic check is also known as an e-check or Automated Clearing House transaction, and is available now as an additional payment method to your shoppers paying in USD.
Simply put, it?s a fast, efficient, and secure way to process check payments.

Important:?Please review associated e-Check fees?here.

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6. API Improvements and Additional Updates

  • Privacy Policy?– We are making some minor updates to our Privacy Policy that shall be come effective on July 7, 2013, that include BlueSnap acting as Payment Service Provider in some instances and in accordance with our terms of business we are giving advance notice of the change. Prior to release the updated version can be view?here?.
  • Email Updates?– The email sent to remind shoppers of their bank transfer is now translated to all 28 languages.
  • Web service update: