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BlueSnap Product Updates V3.4.0

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Updates V3.4.0

The August Product Release has been deployed to your Sandbox accounts and will be available in your Production accounts on August 25th.

This release introduces the following new features in Payments and the SnapConsole:

1. Payments Enhancements

SnapMobile – Your optimized mobile checkout

We have enhanced SnapMobile to support free trials for PayPal. The SnapMobile template can be associated with any of your BuyNow pages. Once we detect that your shopper is viewing a BuyNow page from a mobile device, we’ll display the mobile template with payment options including credit card and PayPal.

According to Forbes, “..more than 20% of all eCommerce shopping sessions are already happening on mobile devices – and the number is growing by 2-3x each year. Over the next 18-36 months, mobile will comprise more than 50 percent of all eCommerce shopping sessions, becoming the primary way people shop online.”

How it works?
The new mobile template can be associated with any of your BuyNow pages. Based on built-in detection, once we detect that your shopper is viewing the BuyNow page from a mobile device, we’ll display the mobile template. The first phase of the new mobile template supports PayPal and credit cards.

Why is this important?
Because consumers are going mobile!

  • 2012: US retail Mobile eCommerce sales shot up 81% to nearly $25 billion
  • 2013: further increase of 55.7% in sales is expected
  • By 2016 Mobile eCommerce will account for almost a quarter of online eCommerce

Knowing these facts, it’s imperative to show users an optimized checkout page on their mobile phones, especially due to statistics that show that mobile users who are shown a regular checkout page are 30% more likely than a desktop user to abandon the order. With SnapMobile, BlueSnap can optimize your checkout automatically and help increase your sales conversions.

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PayPal is now available for free trials with recurring payments and recurring coupons (including 100% coupon). This feature is also available in our SnapMobile version.

2. SnapConsole Improvements

New Catalog API


Today you’re required to manually manage your product catalog via the SnapConsole. We?re excited to announce a more efficient and flexible way for you to edit and add product details. With the newCatalog APIs?you can import, update and export your product catalog from your back-end or even a 3rd party platform, such as your shopping cart, allowing you to synchronize platforms.

With the Catalog APIs, you can:

  • Easily move your catalogs managed in other systems to BlueSnap
  • Quickly perform updates and changes, without the need to manually perform actions via the SnapConsole
  • Smoothly integrate with 3rd party systems
Catalog ItemDescriptionAPI ActionsDocumentation
Product APIProducts – these are the items you have for sale, e.g. your product Mail ManagerCreate, update, and retrieve products listed in your account.
Basic SKU (Contract) APISKU (also known as Contract) is where you define the price, terms and conditions of which you offer your products for sale to customers, e.g. Mail Manager Home, Mail Manager Enterprise Edition.Create, update, and retrieve contracts. Note that each contract must be connected to a product.
Custom Parameters (also known as Custom Fields)Custom parameters enable you to add customized fields to your BuyNow pages for purposes such as gathering information, displaying messages and passing hidden fields. These custom parameters displayed in reports, Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs), and sales confirmation emails.Create, update, and retrieve Custom Parameters.

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SnapConsole reporting improvements

Over the past releases we’ve been continuing to optimize and update the SnapConsole to ensure you can easily navigate and work with your BlueSnap accounts! This release includes updated reporting pages enabling you to quickly access scheduled reports and offering a better view containing multiple columns and data.

New reporting UI
Quick access to report scheduling
Better view for larger reports with several columns.

Manage real-time data in multiple locations with Instant Payment Notifications

Last release we announced the upcoming release of the ability to enter multiple IPN URLs. This is now available in your SnapConsole!

How can you utilize this additional functionality??Before this enhancement to the IPNs, you could only place one IPN destination URL. This enabled merchants to keep their back-ends, like a 3rd party store, CRM system, or any other platform, in sync with data collected by BlueSnap, but limited you to choosing a single back-end. Now for merchants who want to update multiple back-ends, there is now no limitation on how many locations can receive real-time shopper data! We deliver the data to you, and you receive and update your systems so they are all in synch.

This can be defined both at the account level and contract level!

In addition, we’ve updated the behavior for NEW contracts where if the Global IPN URL is selected at the account level, it’ll now be selected by default for new contracts. This will not change any of your existing contracts.

IPN_MultipleLearn more

Subscriptions “Cancel Auto Renew”

When selecting “Cancel Auto Renew” from the order locator, an Instant Payment Notification will now be sent. To view the IPN details?click here.