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BlueSnap Product Updates V3.5.0

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Updates V3.5.0

The December Product Release has been deployed to your Production accounts.

We are proud to announce a number of enhancements to the BlueSnap platform. As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the latest Gateway, Payment Processing and eCommerce tools and features and to stay true to our commitment of being a smarter payment gateway, we are pleased to announce the following enhancements:

1. Gateway

New Acquiring Bank Continues to Improve Payment Conversion

A new partnership has been established with a top tier US acquiring bank for US based merchants. This partnership provides an additional acquirer for transaction routing and failovers to further optimize payment success. If you want to take advantage of the new acquirer to further improve payment success, please contact?
To see more ways BlueSnap works to increase payment conversion, read?our article from processing experts on how to maximize your conversion.

Create Subscription Charge API Enhancements

The Create Subscription Charge is used to pass recurring charges for On Demand subscriptions. BlueSnap has added an?optional?parameter that can be passed in the URI: fullDescription=true.

This is a URI example which includes the URI parameter fullDescription=true:<version>/subscriptions/<subscription-id>/subscription-charges?fullDescription=true

If fullDescription=true is passed in the URI, the XML response returned includes invoice details of the charge. The following is an example of the XML response:

<subscription-charge xmlns="">
<charge-description>ws test</charge-description>

New Promotional BuyNow Parameter for Display of Quantity Field

Promotions are a great way to increase your average order value by offering your shoppers a complementary item to add to their order.
You can pass BuyNow promotion parameters in the BuyNow URL to add promotions to the customer order. To display promotions on the order page, you must pass all of the following parameters in the BuyNow URL:

  • promoteContractId{N}
  • promoteQuantity{N}
  • promoteContractFlag{N}
  • numberOfPromotionContract

Click?here?for more information on Promotion BuyNow Parameters.

BlueSnap has added another promotion type BuyNow Parameter, “allowPromoteQuantityChange{N}”.
This parameter is optional and enables you to control the display of the quantity field of the promotional item on the BuyNow page. This parameter must be passed with all the promotion parameters as shown in the following BuyNow URL.


How can I make sure that shoppers won’t change the value of the parameter to enable them to purchase more of the promotional item?
You can add the “allowPromoteQuantityChange{N}” to the Parameters Protection set under the ‘Parameters Protection’ section in the contract page. This will generate an encrypted key that you can then pass in the BuyNow URL preventing shoppers from changing the quantity of the promotional item being sold.

Charge IPN Now Includes AVS

The system sends a Charge IPN when a charge transaction is generated. The?Charge IPN?now includes AVS test details. When passed to the IPN URL, the values included indicate if AVS was submitted for the transaction. If so, then the corresponding text response for the transaction is also passed to the Charge IPN. This data can be used for verification purposes.

Charge IPN

2. Payment Processing

Enter the Chinese Market with Alipay

2013 is predicted to be the year that eCommerce in China exceeds the US with more than 242 million Chinese online shoppers (6x UK, +75mill more than US, 2x Japan).*
We’ve added Alipay to our list of over 110 local payment methods. With Alipay being the preferred payment method in the Chinese market, you can now expand your global sales to this region!

  • Supported countries:Alipay is a leading payment method in China.
  • Audience:?Alipay is used by about 40% of the Chinese population.
  • BuyNow display:Your customers will only see the Alipay if they select China as their country on the BuyNow page and select one of the currencies below.

Supported currencies:

  • CAD
  • CHF
  • CNY
  • DKK
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • HKD
  • NOK
  • SEK
  • SGD

Click?here?to learn about the Chinese Market.
*Provided by the Alibaba Group

Improved PayPal Support

As one of the leading payment methods preferred by many shoppers, we’ve enhanced features in the purchase flow to support PayPal.

Don’t have PayPal setup in your account?
See the?user guide?on how to set up PayPal.

Plan Change
Previously your shopper could switch or upgrade their subscription plan only via credit cards.
With this new enhancement, they will now be able to pay with PayPal for the new subscription, after the switch or the upgrade.

Purchase of multiple subscriptions
Your shoppers can now conveniently pay for multiple subscription plans with PayPal.
See our?Best Practice Tips

Convert More Shoppers in Finland!

With the Northern European Region growing to 9.2% of the European market share and sales of online goods and services expected to reach ?31 billion in 2013, the Finnish language “Suomi” is joining BlueSnap?s global offering of 28 languages.

This will be automatically updated in all your BuyNow templates and ensure your Finnish shoppers receive a localized shopping experience!


To engage the Finnish market, Suomi will be displayed on your BuyNow automatically when your shopper’s IP is from Finland. The localized experience continues with translated receipt emails and translated shopper control panel. To completely translate the BuyNow page use the ‘Translations’ page from the SnapConsole.
To access the ‘Translation’ page, just click the??button from the various setup pages (contract, email settings, custom fields, etc) in the SnapConsole. You can then translate the relevant text to the required language.

Here is the list of the 29 BlueSnap supported languages:

  • English
  • Albanian
  • Arabic
  • Brazilian
  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese simplified
  • Chinese traditional
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Lithuanian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

3. eCommerce

New Coupon Search Capability

Coupons are a great tool to generate more traffic, re-market, and help close sales – especially during the holiday season. To help you better manage your coupons, a search capability has been added. You can now search for coupons by entering the coupon name, display name (the name you show to shoppers on the BuyNow page) or coupon code.


Reactivation Emails Translated to all of BlueSnap’s Supported Languages!

Reactivation emails sent to your customer enable them to reactivate products by clicking a download link URL and entering the license key conveniently included in the email. To accommodate your global shoppers, BlueSnap has translated the generic reactivation email to all of our supported languages.

How is it set up?
All you have to do is find the order via the ‘Order Locator’ page and click the ‘Re-activate download’ button under the ‘Supplier’s Contact Information’ section. BlueSnap will automatically send the email in the customers native language.