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BlueSnap Product Updates V3.6.0

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Updates V3.6.0

We are proud to announce a number of enhancements to the BlueSnap platform. As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the latest Payment Gateway, Payment Processing and eCommerce tools and to stay true to our commitment of being a smarter payment gateway, we are pleased to announce the following new features:


Client Side Encryption

BlueSnap Integration

BlueSnap provides flexible ways to integrate, including our Hosted BuyNow pages and our Web Service APIs. The hosted BuyNow pages provide quick integration and a configurable UI to match your website?s shopper experience. They are optimized for mobile, tablets and desktop browsers and reduce the burden of PCI compliance.

Although using BlueSnap’s Web Service APIs allow merchants to control their own User Interface, passing data to your server requires that you meet PCI level 1 standards.

We?re excited to announce that BlueSnap?s robust APIs are now enhanced with Client-Side Encryption enabling you to still control your own checkout pages, but with drastically reducing your PCI burden. With the Client Side Encryption, merchants only need to complete the SAQ A form.

What is Client Side Encryption?

Client-side Encryption transaction flow:

  • Shopper submits their contact information and payment details via the browser page.
  • The payment details, encrypted using BlueSnap.js , are passed along with all the shopper details to your server.
  • Your server, acting as a middleman, will pass along the details and encrypted data to the BlueSnap processing system using our Restful API.
  • BlueSnap will process the transactions and send you back the transaction status.
  • You receive the transaction status and transmit to the shopper.

The transaction is processed successfully and securely, with a seamless shopper experience!
Note: The BlueSnap.js library is available for web browser and soon will be available for Mobile (Android and iOS).

How do I get Started?

1. Get your BlueSnap.js key
In the SnapConsole, under the BlueSnap API tab in the left menu, you will be able to retrieve your key (and of course define your API account if you have not done so already!).

2. Easily add BlueSnap.js into your code
The bluesnap.js library resides on the BlueSnap server and can be downloaded here. All you will need to do is add a script line to your checkout form and mark the sensitive payment fields on the page: credit card number and CVV (Integration details and examples were added to our Integration Guide).

3. Test your implementation
Using the BlueSnap.js with the BlueSnap Web Services (which you can learn about here), you will be able to test the full process flow. We recommend testing your implementation in our Sandbox environment.

4.Go Live!
The last step before going live will be to activate your key by downloading the SAQ A form and email it to to be approved!

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New Shopping Cart Integrations with Magento & Prestashop!

New shopping cart integrations with Magento and Prestashop lets you integrate with no development! We?ve integrated our BuyNow page, offering 29 languages, 60 currencies and 110 payment types out-of-the-box, based on shopper country.
Note: Subscriptions will only be supported in a future phase.

Magento and BlueSnap have improved their merchant integration, joining forces to help shoppers make purchases easily and securely with a new BlueSnap Extension.

Magento offers a powerful and flexible online store, and BlueSnap completes the flow by offering a streamlined checkout experience in 180 countries, supporting 29 different languages, 60 currencies and 110 payment types.
Connecting your Magento store with BlueSnap does not require any development from your side, simply sign up and we will provide you with everything that you need to configure the BlueSnap Extension.

Below you can view the shopper flow via the Magento checkout page:

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PrestaShop is the #1 open source shopping carts in the EU. And now BlueSnap is one of their premier partners, offering a streamlined checkout experience in 180 countries, supporting 29 different languages, 60 currencies and 110 payment types.
Connecting to your PrestaShop shopping cart with BlueSnap does not require any development from your side, simply sign up and we will provide you with everything you need to configure the BlueSnap Module.

Below you can view the shopper flow via the Prestashop checkout page:

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Increase retention by providing subscription management tools for your shoppers

BlueSnap automatically creates a shopper account for your shoppers with each purchase. In order to increase retention rates, we?ve improved the shopper flow, so they can easily enter the shopper console. Once in the shopper console they can update payment information, view subscription details, upgrade subscription plans, view recent charges and more!

Entering the shopper console

Your shoppers can now login by either entering their account username or order ID. By using the order ID to login, they can view all the orders in their account.

Shoppers can find their order IDs on their receipt or order thank you page.

Easily reset the shopper password

If shoppers don?t know or remember their password, we?ve updated the flow to ensure they can easily create a new one.

When your shopper clicks the ‘Don’t know your username or password?’ link, the Account Details page is displayed (see below). Your shoppers can either enter their username or order ID.

Upon clicking the Submit button, the reset password email is sent to your shopper. This email will also contain the username.

Tools for your shopper support team

In order for your support team to help your shoppers, we?ve exposed the shopper account details in the order information page. This page can be found when searching for an order via the Order Locator.

Once you find the order, you will see the Account ID, username and a button to ?Send Reset Password? email directly to your shopper in the Account Information section.

The email will be sent to the shopper?s email where with 1-click they can get to the reset password page. After your shopper has reset their password, they can then enter the shopper console to manage their orders.

Here you can view a sample of the Shopper Control Panel, where the shoppers can view all their subscriptions, recent orders, manage credit card details and more.


Ve Interactive

The Ve Interactive integrated shopping cart abandonment tool lets you send emails to shoppers who abandon your site, encouraging them to buy!

The offering:

  • Ve interactive can now integrate with the BlueSnap checkout pages, to capture shopper email addresses if they abandon the cart!
  • With cart abandonment being up to 75%, merchants can use this integration to capture shopper emails to try and offer give them a chance to come back!
  • This process produces an average of 7% uplift!
  • It is 100% cookie free, will not interfere with page load times and will support your SEO work too.
  • Ve interactive can also integrate with any form on your merchant?s website to help bring back abandoned shoppers.


  • CPA Affiliate Model! No upfront costs, ongoing fees or monthly contracts.

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RJ Metrcis

With RJMetrics, you have an interface to advanced analytic tools to learn more about your shoppers.

The offering:

  • Take reporting to the next level! BlueSnap?s extensive transparent reports offer you all the data collected on your shoppers and transactions. With RJMetric?s business intelligence platform, you can take it to the next level!
  • RJMetrics will deliver customized dashboards, a consultation with their in-house analyst, and have you optimizing your business within 7 days.


  • $750, $1500, $3000/month

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