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BlueSnap Product Updates V3.7.0

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Updates V3.7.0

As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the latest Gateway and Payment Processing tools and features and to stay true to our commitment of being a smarter payment gateway, we are pleased to announce the following enhancements:


Payment Processing:

  • Brazil Solution improves payment conversion success up to 80%
  • Improved Alipay wallet – China’s leading 3rd party online payment solution with 550 million+ users
  • Dankort Card – the national Debit Card of Denmark


Enhanced Client-Side Encryption for Android

Did you know you can use BlueSnap Client-Side Encryption to securely host and customize your own checkout pages?

BlueSnap offers In-App Payments for the Android with Client-Side Encryption

  • Full control over your own native, in-app payment page with the new Android library
  • No need for re-directs
  • Simplified PCI compliance

What is the process flow?

Learn more here.Who can use it?

Any BlueSnap merchant can take advantage of this CSE for Android. To activate, simply download the SAQ A form, complete and send to Merchant Support to be approved.

Note that Client-Side Encryption works with the BlueSnap payments API, which you can learn about here.

What are BlueSnap’s other integration options?

BlueSnap allows you to integrate on your terms. Use our BuyNow hosted checkout pages and/or our comprehensive payments APIs with client-side encryption. Or if you use PrestaShop or Magento eCommerce platform, simply use the BlueSnap extension to plug in to your store. Learn more about the integration options that work for you.


Start selling in Brazil with Local Cards & Boleto Bancario and improve conversion by up to 80%

Selling in to Brazil has its challenges. By not accepting local payment methods, merchants may miss out on sales, but to accept local cards & Boleto Bancario, merchants need to establish a legal entity in Brazil and a relationship with a local provider. Additionally, decline rates are high for foreign merchants, especially since a recent Brazilian directive asks banks to decline international transactions in local (BRL) currency. Tax laws and transferring funds out of the country can be complicated, but BlueSnap has some tools in place to help you navigate these challenges.


BlueSnap is excited to announce a solution that can improve your payment conversion success by 80% with:

  • Local acquiring with Cielo supporting local Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB and Discover
  • Localized checkout pages on Browser or Mobile Device – Portuguese, BRL currency
  • Intelligent payment routing – recognize local vs. international cards for optimal payment success

Global merchants can easily accept cross-border payments from Brazilian shoppers

  • Target the 50% of Brazilian shoppers who use only local cards
  • Target the 30% of Brazilian shoppers who use Boleto Bancario

BlueSnap assists merchants with legal entity and taxes

  • BlueSnap has a local partnership allowing merchants to establish their own entity
    or work with us on a legal entity
  • Most merchants can receive a reduction in sales tax (always consult your tax advisor)
  • Most merchants can have other taxes remitted on their behalf so they do not have
    the hassle of registering and filing locally

Changes to the checkout page:

Shoppers from Brazil will see an additional field on the checkout page named CPF/CNPJ. This field is the equivalent to a local Brazilian ID number and is required to complete the purchase. State and postal code will become mandatory fields as well. Because Brazil requires new information on the checkout page, existing merchants’ returning shoppers can not use new local cards.


Payments will be done in real-time and you, as well as the shopper will be notified with the usual emails and Instant Payment Notification.

How you can start selling in Brazil:

Simply email and we’ll begin the onboarding process to get you selling in Brazil.


BlueSnap enhances the Alipay Wallet for merchants selling in China

alipay_logoBlueSnap has enhanced its Alipay payment type with automated refunds, depositing money directly back to the Alipay wallet.

Alipay is the largest 3rd party payment provider in China with over 550 million registered users, dominating the Chinese market with 50% of online payments. Alipay is a Wallet that can be funded by cash, bank transfer or card payment. It allows anyone to pay online, by entering a user name and password, without sharing their financial information.

If you are not offering Alipay today, simply email and we’ll activate Alipay within your account to get you selling in China.

Additional payment option in Denmark with the Dankort card

BlueSnap merchants can now accept Dankort, the National Debit Card of Denmark and one of the most widely used payment types for online shopping in Denmark.