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BlueSnap Product Updates V3.8.0

Introducing new features and improvements aimed to boost your business & grow revenues

Product Updates V3.8.0

This July release includes actions that you may need to take depending on your integration

1. Re-branding of Plimus to BlueSnap

As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the latest gateway and payment processing tools and features, and to stay true to our commitment of being a smarter payment gateway, we are pleased to announce the final phase of re-branding from Plimus to BlueSnap. Your shoppers will now have a consistent experience throughout the entire buying and payment process.

Further details can be read below to learn more about improvements shoppers will see and changes you may need to make to BuyNow URLs, API URI links, Google Analytics, IPNs, Images, and License Keys.

BlueSnap has made a number of other important investments as well, with the goal of making sure payments process correctly every single time a shopper pays you. We are happy to report that we have:

  • Added multiple acquirers worldwide to reach higher payment conversions and make cross border transactions seamless.
  • Invested heavily in state of the art data centers to support extensive growth.
  • Adopted an Agile Development Methodology to be able to produce the highest quality software updates with competitive cycle times.

Thank you for your patience during this process. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact

2. Improvements for your Shoppers

Instead of seeing a combination of Plimus and Bluesnap, your shoppers will now see BlueSnap consistently throughout the system. Checkout pages, invoices, emails, CD labels and the shopper control panel have been updated. Additionally, the PLI* prefix that appears on some thank you pages, invoices and shoppers? card statements will now be BLS* or BLN*.

3. BlueSnap Merchant Re-branding

All remaining references to Plimus have been re-branded in the BlueSnap Console and the BlueSnap Help Center documentation. There are additional changes that may require action on your end depending on your integration with BlueSnap.

4. Action Required as of July 6th

Google Analytics
As of July 6th, the nomenclature within Google Analytics has been updated. Your history will remain under Plimus but new information will appear under BlueSnap. If you have not already done so, you will need to update the sales goal names for BuyNow from PlimusBuyNow to BlueSnapBuyNow. The Custom Variables key name has been updated from Plimus to BlueSnap. Learn More

5. Action Required as of September 1st

BuyNow pages URL and API URI Links

As of July 6th, we are supporting both Plimus and BlueSnap names. References to Plimus will remain active until September 1st. After September 1st we will support only the BlueSnap name. You need to make changes in the areas listed below.

Please note the pages are not active below, they are examples only. They will be active in your environment, and can be tested in the Sandbox.

BuyNow URLs: Production
From to
From to

BuyNow URLs: Sandbox
From to
From to

API URI links: Production
From to

API URI links: Sandbox
From to

IPNs, Image Links, Licenses
If you are using IPNs, Image Links and License Keys, changes are required by September 1st. Between July 6th and September 1st both the Plimus and BlueSnap name will be supported.

All references to Plimus have been updated to Bluesnap. You will need to prepare your system to now log parameters with the BlueSnap name.

We also changed the “User-Agent” of our outgoing HTTP requests to ?BlueSnap?. This change only effects the HTTP requests header and not the IPN business content. No change is required on your side.
Learn More

Image Links
In the BlueSnap SnapConsole, Images page (from the main menu, under Products), the link location of the images is now saved under the domain BlueSnap.

In the BlueSnap SnapConsole, License Keys page (selected from the top menu of the contract), where the License Group/Method = Piracy Protection by BlueSnap – make sure the http call to register, validate and unregister the license is from the BlueSnap domain.

For example:[&uniqueMachineId=YYYYYYY]

6. Instances of Plimus that Remain: No Action Required

Place Order WebService
In the Place Order API, the XML the element ?plimus-calculated-total? will remain active. This does not require any changes on your side.

APIs – Name Space
The ‘xmlns’ element will remain This does not require any changes on your side.