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Chargeback Management

Reduce chargebacks and recover revenue for sustainable business growth.

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Automated Chargeback Management Software

The costly effects of chargebacks can hinder your revenue growth and cause your staff hours of work — but there’s a better way to handle all of this. Prevent, manage, and dispute chargebacks more effectively with the All-in-One Payment Platform. We’ll take care of disputes, automate your response to retrieval requests, help you fight back against friendly fraud, and recover lost revenue fast — or if you have a team to dispute chargebacks, we’ll give them the tools to elevate their ability.

Use Proactive Alerts

Resolve disputes before they turn into chargebacks with our complete pre-chargeback alert service.

Recover Lost Revenue

It's time to plug the holes in your chargeback management strategy. Dispute invalid chargebacks and reclaim the revenue you deserve.

Defend Your Reputation

Close the feedback loop with issuers. A reduction in both friendly and malicious fraud is a rewarding side effect of our representment service.

Optimize Your Business

In-depth reporting helps you track disputes, identify causes of chargebacks, make adjustments to reduce future chargebacks, and more.

Chargeback Management from Chargebacks911

No matter the size of your business, you need a comprehensive tech stack that addresses every stage of chargeback management. With built-in tools by Chargebacks911, BlueSnap offers a Full-Service Dispute Management and Self-Service dispute management plan. Select the service level that works best for you and we’ll facilitate the dispute process, help you automate your response to retrieval requests, and eliminate merchant missteps that may lead to chargebacks. Plus, comprehensive reporting and analytics will help you understand chargeback transactions so you can continue to reduce risk and grow your business.

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With our All-in-One Payment Platform, you can:

Combat friendly fraud and protect your revenue with a proactive chargeback management strategy.

Resolve chargebacks as soon as possible with real-time chargeback notifications and transaction information.

Easily access the Chargebacks911 console from the BlueSnap Console with a single sign-on.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

Prevention is the first step to reducing risk and boosting revenue. Your Chargebacks911 console is equipped with detailed reporting, proactive analytics, and intelligent technology to help you:

  • Know where your business stands at all times by tracking your dispute performance.
  • Avert future revenue loss by identifying the root causes of chargebacks.
  • Keep your account in good standing by monitoring your chargeback ratio for each credit card brand.
  • View chargeback ratios by card brand and reason code for proactive chargeback management.

Reporting Capabilities

Fraud Transaction Alert Services

Minimize the harmful effects of chargebacks by addressing disputes ahead of time. Powered by Verifi and Ethoca, our platform offers pre-chargeback alerts that can prevent both fraud and non-fraud chargebacks. No matter where your business is located, you’ll have the chance to respond and resolve disputes before chargebacks are submitted, so you can recover more sales. We also support Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI), which helps Visa Merchants respond to cardholder inquiries around unrecognized transactions prior to a chargeback or dispute.

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Grow your sales with more built-in features:

Fraud Prevention

Mitigate risk and capture more stress-free global sales. Backed by award-winning technology, our All-in-One Payment Platform offers customized fraud protection to meet your needs.

Analytics & Reporting

Payments need to be optimized to reach their full revenue-driving potential. Our built-in payment analytics tool collects key sales intelligence so you can figure out what is and isn't working for your business.

Secure, compliant, and comprehensive.

Streamline your payment solution and gain functionality.