The Wells Fargo Alternative for the Globally Minded Merchant

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BlueSnap: The Smart Alternative to Wells Fargo Merchant Services for eCommerce

If you’re looking for a single integration to take care of your online payments, invoicing and marketplace functionality, Wells Fargo Merchant Services is probably not the best option for you. With BlueSnap, you get all of that functionality but with a focus on mobile and global that results in less friction and increased conversions. With a single integration to our platform you are connected to our global network of acquiring banks to help you convert more. Learn more below.

Gateway Comparison: Which is the Better Choice for Your Business BlueSnap or Wells Fargo?

Online Checkout
Features BlueSnap-logo
Mobile Yes Partial
Online Yes Yes
Contextual Partial No
Features BlueSnap-logo
Split Payments Yes No
Rapid On-Boarding Yes Partial
Invoice Payments
Features BlueSnap-logo
Virtual Terminal Yes Yes
Email Payments Yes No
User Experience
Features BlueSnap-logo
Modern API Yes Partial
Hosted Payments Yes Partial
Local Languages Yes No
Features BlueSnap-logo
Local Acquiring Yes Yes
Local Currency Yes Yes
Local Payment Types Yes Partial
Reporting & Analytics
Features BlueSnap-logo
Reconciliation Yes Partial
Conversion Reports Yes Partial
Sales Intelligence Yes Partial
Other Features
Features BlueSnap-logo
Availability & Infrastructure Yes Yes
Docuementation & Developer Tools Yes Partial
Fraud Management Yes Yes
Subscriptions Yes Yes