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Embedded Payments and Payfac-as-a-Service

Seamlessly Facilitate Global Embedded Payments in Your Platform

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Global Payment Facilitation for Software Platforms

With BlueSnap’s Embedded Payments and Payfac-as-a-Service capabilities, you can own a global customized payment experience for your customers that increases revenue for your business. Software platforms that embed payments see up to a 5X increase in value per customer.

Own Your Payments Experience

  • Choose from BlueSnap’s three options to find the partnership that’s right for you. BlueSnap’s Payment API lets you build a customized checkout experience, with tailored branding, unique checkout flows and more.

Customize the Experience for Your Customers

  • You know what your customers need and how they should be supported. You can provide payment support for your customers or let BlueSnap’s payment experts take the lead – depending on the solution you choose.

Grow Globally & Expand Revenue

  • BlueSnap’s technology helps your customers optimize their global sales and you generate more revenue. With over 100+ currencies, 100+ payment types and local card acquiring, you’ll get the most out of global payments.

How Do You Want to Facilitate Payments?

BlueSnap has three solutions to help you make payments a part of your business. Choose from Embedded Payments, our turnkey solution, and our Payfac-as-a-Service solutions that offer more ownership of your end-to-end payments. No matter what solution you choose, BlueSnap can help you make global payments part of your business, including:

  • BlueSnap Dash™: Our hosted, turnkey, Embedded Payments solution that gives you the fastest speed to market.
  • BlueSnap Relay™: Our quick-to-market, Payfac-as-a-Service, white-label offering shields you from risk while letting you brand your way.
  • BlueSnap Flex™: A branded Payfac-as-a-Service solution that leverages our API while you keep complete control.

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Grow Global, Stay Local

With BlueSnap, you get instant global scale in a single, unified account with the advantage of local payment processing. You and your customers benefit from 100+ local currencies and 100+ payment methods so you can sell in over 200 geographies with local card acquiring in 47 countries.

We’ve built Intelligent Payment Routing across our extensive network of global banks to give you:

  • Reduced cross-border fees
  • Reduced foreign exchange costs
  • Improved payment authorization rates
  • Best-in-class uptime with instant failover

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Bring Your Solution to Market Fast

BlueSnap can get your global payment solution up and running quickly so you don’t miss out on revenue.

Utilize our APIs to customize the experience you want your customers to have. Leverage our onboarding, reporting and payment processing APIs to craft an experience that reflects your business.

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Brand Your Way

Differentiating your platform is hard – with BlueSnap you can configure and brand your own payments experience the way that’s right for your business. Our Payfac-as-a-Service solutions give you the opportunity to brand your offerings and provide a unique experience for your customers.

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Design a Customer-Centric Solution

We understand you need a payment product that resonates with your audience. That’s where BlueSnap’s extensive Payment Orchestration Platform can help you. With the flexibility to decide your branding, technical capabilities, and even how it’s sold and supported – how you tailor your payment solution is all up to you. We provide you with the tools and knowhow to build the perfect solution that works for you and your customers.

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Expedited Onboarding for Your Customers

Create a tailored onboarding experience and underwriting process that fits your customers’ needs and verifies their businesses quickly. With our Payment Orchestration Platform, you can choose your preferred method to onboard customers: via your API or through BlueSnap’s hosted solution. And we can migrate your existing customer portfolio to get them up and running quickly.

  • The Onboarding APIs allow you to design the enrollment flow within your platform for a streamlined experience
  • With BlueSnap’s Hosted Application, you can use our pre-built flow with no need for development

BlueSnap Dash™ Documentation

BlueSnap Relay™ Documentation

Design Your Payment Flow to Suit Your Business

Do you want extensive customization and control over every aspect of the payment flow? BlueSnap allows you to build your own custom checkout experience from start to finish, with custom branding, unique checkout flows and other options. And with our Marketplaces functionality, you can split payments out between multiple parties based on your rules.

We allow for multiple payment flow scenarios to suit you and your customers, including:

  • One-time
  • Recurring
  • One-to-many
  • Many-to-one
  • Or any combination

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The Payment Orchestration Platform

BlueSnap’s comprehensive global payment platform provides you with the flexibility to customize your solution for your customers’ needs. You have the option to choose the features that comprise your payment solution for your customers, including:

  • Sell in 200 regions with local card acquiring in 47
  • 100+ payment types and shopper currencies
  • Payment tools to optimize authorization & cost
  • AR automation
  • Automated fraud and chargeback management
  • Built-in solutions for regulation and tax compliance
  • Reporting to increase visibility and simplify reconciliation

Our platform enables you to offer your customers a world-class payment solution embedded in your platform.

The Risk You Take Is Up to You

You choose who takes on the risk, who offers the support and who communicates with your customers. It’s completely up to you, and BlueSnap is here to help. With Risk and Underwriting Staging, you’re in control and can mitigate the risk you take through each step of the underwriting process.

Compliance and License

Compliance shouldn’t slow down or endanger your business. With BlueSnap, you and your customers are covered. We have built-in tax compliance and regulation solutions to ensure you’re complying with regional requirements. And with our solution, you have full control over user licenses – you choose who can and can’t use your solution. You can customize the settings and have control over what users have visibility into.

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Own a Payment Experience Like No Other

When you establish your business as a payment facilitator, you take control of the entire process, from merchant support to payment services to onboarding and underwriting. With BlueSnap’s Payfac-as-a-Service solutions, you get the knowledge and guidance to get your payment services up and running quickly, or you can take advantage of our payment expertise and white-label our payment solution as your own.

BlueSnap’s Payment API is the ideal solution for payment facilitators that want to extend their payment offering globally. Our APIs are designed for easy integration and out-of-the-box global payment processing.

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Reporting to Drive Your Business

Provide powerful insights for your customers with BlueSnap’s Reporting API, including transaction reporting, conversions, payouts, subscriptions and much more. Create customized reporting to give your customers the robust information they need to grow their businesses.

Customized Customer Management & Support

Payments aren’t easy. You can provide payment support to your customers or let BlueSnap take the lead – either way, we’ll give you the support you need for success.

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Partner Portal

BlueSnap’s Partner Portal is an intuitive tool to help you manage your accounts, providing the ability to:

  • Manage applications
  • View and track KYC/AML documents
  • Track the underwriting approval process
  • And more

Manage numerous aspects of your business directly through our portal.

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say.

“We had concrete requirements when we signed on [with BlueSnap], but we will always continue to have aspirational requirements as we try to make our user experience better. That’s why it was important for us to find a partner who is actively growing and continuously adding modern and expansive processing capabilities.”

— Aengus Bates, Technical Product Manager

“We plan to continue working with BlueSnap—the support is great, our account manager is phenomenal and super-responsive. He’s also happy to work with us to find solutions that are specific to individual schools, so they can all get exactly what they need. That’s huge for us—unique solutions are part of what differentiates us as a company.”

— Don Humpton, Director of Client Services, Veracross
BlueSnap Embedded Payments Partner Commerce 7

“We need to deliver a modern, customer-friendly payment experience supporting all card types and eWallets like ApplePay and AliPay. BlueSnap does this for us in just a single integration.”

— Andrew Kamphuis, Founder & CTO of Commerce7

Comply with PSD2 without becoming a regulated payment institution.

Our Approach

BlueSnap helps businesses increase sales and reduce costs through an innovative approach to accepting global payment. When we say we have the All-in-One Payment Orchestration Platform, we mean it. With one contract and one account, you get everything you need to sell globally built in. And our entire solution is modular, so you can turn functionality on and off. Our payment experts work with our customers to ensure every payment solution is optimized to each company’s specific needs. With BlueSnap, you get:

Expert guidance on how to optimize your payments and best integrate our platform.
Intelligent solutions to solve your payment problems and help you grow your global sales.
Live support and clear developer docs so you get answers when you need them.

Streamline your payment solution and gain functionality.