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BlueSnap Overview


Pricing, Payment, and Billing

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BlueSnap Overview

What is BlueSnap?

BlueSnap is a global payment gateway built on the All-in-one Payments Platform packed with eCommerce tools and features. The All-in-one Payments Platform was designed to help you accept payments and get the best payment conversions possible.

Who can use BlueSnap?

Merchants around the world in 180 countries can use BlueSnap.

Do you offer data portability?

Yes – if you were to switch payment processors, the vaulted data is yours and you have access to it.

Is BlueSnap available in my country?

We offer services in 180 countries – to see if it is available in your country, check out our map here.

How does BlueSnap help protect against fraud?

BlueSnap partnered with Kount, a leader in fraud prevention services, to analyze customer data and behavior on every purchase. We offer three fraud prevention services levels to serve your unique needs.

1) Managed:  this is the default service that automatically accepts or rejects transactions based on fraud indicators. This is suitable for most merchants.

2) Merchant Configurable: This service is ideal for merchants who would like to customize thresholds for key fraud rules. This is available for a monthly fee. Contact us to learn more.

3) Enterprise: This allows merchants to customize their fraud prevention strategy, everything from creating and maintaining fraud rules to manually reviewing transactions. Merchants will manage their fraud strategy directly in Kount’s Agent Web Console.

What are your support hours?

Our merchant and shopper support teams are available during these hours:

Monday to Thursday 1AM – 9PM EST
Friday 8AM – 9PM EST
Sunday 1AM – 12PM EST


How do I integrate with BlueSnap?

We have flexible integration options that work for web and mobile. If you are building your own custom payment pages or apps, you can use our APIs, hosted payment fields, and/or hosted payment pages. We also have integration partners with shopping cards such as Magento, WooCommerce and Prestashop.

How long does it take to integrate with BlueSnap?

Integration varies depending on the type of integration you choose.  For example, hosted pages take little to no development time while APIs depend on the experience of the developer at your company (a couple of hours to a couple of days).

I’m an existing BlueSnap customer using an older integration. How do I upgrade to take advantage of all the latest features?

You can contact merchant support for assistance with upgrading and for any feature related questions.

Will I need to perform continued maintenance on my payment’s page?

You only need to update if you want to take advantage of new functionality. For example, if you want to add a new payment type, you can simply go into the console and make the update.

How soon will I get paid after a transaction is processed?

BlueSnap pays out on a monthly schedule. This schedule allows us to reconcile all payments through every payment type and currency saving hours of time and energy when balancing the books.

What languages do you support?

We support XML and JSON.

Can I use BlueSnap with my eCommerce platform?

Yes – we are integrated with several eCommerce platforms, see the Integration Partners page for the full list. We continue to add more on a regular basis, so if your preferred integration is not listed let us know.

Pricing, Payment and Billing

 How much does it cost to use BlueSnap?

We offer competitive pricing which varies depending location, talk to sales to learn more. Discounted rates available for high revenue businesses.

Are there additional fees?

There are no additional fees to process cards using our payment gateway and merchant services. There are some advanced payment options, such as Enterprise level fraud, that are available for a monthly subscription, but they are never required.

I already have a current merchant account- can I just use BlueSnap as a payment gateway?


What if I have to issue a refund?

We support full and partial refunds. You can simply look up the order in your merchant console and refund the full or partial amount, or you can use the API to issue a refund request and process the refund that way.

Is volume pricing available?

Yes, to get specific pricing speak with a conversion consultant.

Can I use BlueSnap for recurring or subscription billing?

Yes! We have an award winning subscription billing platform.

What happens if a recurring transaction fails?

We have a proprietary failover and retry logic with our intelligent payment routing that will try to send the payment to another bank to be authorized. If the card is expired, we have account updater that will try to update the card data automatically.

Can I create coupons or promotional periods in my pricing plan?

Yes, you can also support grace periods and freemium pricing.

What happens if a customer switches plans mid-cycle?

No problem – our subscription engine supports pro-rated subscription billing

Can BlueSnap push notifications to my server when there is a change in subscription status?

Yes, we have IPNs/webhooks that will update to your server

Can BlueSnap help with tax forms?

We supply each merchant with a 1099-K

Can BlueSnap help me escrow funds?


Credit Cards and Mobile Wallets

Can I accept debit cards without the Visa or MasterCard logo?

Yes – We accept Amex, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club

Can I accept pre-paid debit or gift cards?

No – we do not accept pre-paid debit or gift cards

Can I accept mobile wallets?

Yes, we are adding new mobile wallets to our platform often.

Can I accept chip and pin cards?

Yes, we help you accept “card not present” transactions so it doesn’t matter if they are chip or pin cards. The shopper will simply type in their card details unless they are using an eWallet, in which case they will follow the instructions for their eWallet.

Do you support level II and III processing?


Do you support 3-D Secure?


Can I Initiate payouts to debit or credit cards?

Yes – we are able to payout to ACH or prepaid debit card

Can I see Bank Identification Number info for the cards I process with BlueSnap?


Am I able to see AVS and CVV info when processing cards with BlueSnap?


PCI Compliance

 Do I need to be PCI compliant?

Anyone selling goods and services online needs to be PCI compliant. We offer a range of tools to help merchants ease the burden of PCI compliance.

How do I become PCI compliant?

All BlueSnap merchants are required to complete a SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) to comply with new PCI 3.0 regulations. This will affect all merchants, whether using APIs, Client-side encryption or BuyNow Hosted Checkout pages. A merchant using Hosted Payment pages or Hosted fields will only need to complete SAQ-A, which is a short and simple questionnaire. A merchant using our Client-side encryption will be required to complete a longer SAQ-A-EP questionnaire. Merchants using APIs will be evaluated on your specific configuration. These need to be updated yearly. When you sign on with BlueSnap we will make sure you find the right solution for you and that all your transactions will be safe and secure.To learn more about PCI compliance requirements visit SecurityMetrics PCI Learning Center.

International Shoppers

What currencies can I accept with BlueSnap?

We support over 100 currencies.

What currencies can I settle in?

BlueSnap can settle (pay out) in to your merchant account in 14 currencies like-for like with more coming soon. For transactions in these currencies, and provided you have accounts capable of receiving these currencies, BlueSnap can authorize and settle into your account without any conversion, or FX fees, either to you or to your customer.

Are there foreign exchange fees?

When we do the currency conversions, we will calculate it using the live Interbank rates (similar to what you can see on Reuters/ Xe.com, etc) and, when not a like-for-like currency, BlueSnap will add a mark-up which covers the cost of converting that transaction into your settlement currencies. Mark-up is different for different groups of currencies.

How will BlueSnap help with localization?

When using the BlueSnap Hosted BuyNow Pages localization is built in. The page will dynamically load based on the country associated with the IP address. We support 29 languages, 100 currencies and we will offer up the most popular payment types associated with the region, with 110 payment types to choose from.


Do I need a PayPal account to accept PayPal payments through BlueSnap?

Yes , to offer PayPal as a payment option for your shoppers, you must have a PayPal Business or Premier account. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, you can sign up for one on the PayPal website. Once you have a PayPal account you can connect to BlueSnap using these instructions.

What does it cost to run PayPal through BlueSnap?

There is no additional cost, your PayPal transactions are run through your PayPal contract, but all the data is integrated into your BlueSnap platform.

Will my customers need to leave my site to sign onto PayPal?

Shoppers do not need to leave your site to checkout with PayPal

Can I set up PayPal for recurring payments?

Yes, we accept PayPal for recurring payments.

Can I store PayPal accounts in the vault like I do with credit cards?

No, PayPal stores it on their site.

Can you void or refund a PayPal transaction through BlueSnap?

Yes, you can void or refund PayPal transactions.

How are disputes for PayPal transactions managed?

You can refund PayPal transactions directly with BlueSnap, but a dispute is handled through PayPal’s website.