Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Management

We have your back

A world-class fraud prevention system from Kount is included with BlueSnap’s Powered Buy Platform®. No development required.

We manage fraud for you using best practices in the industry, analyzing hundreds of data points on every transaction.

But if you want control over some or all of your fraud prevention strategy, we have a solution for that too. Just let us know.

Best of all, BlueSnap has integrated its fraud prevention solution with its global payment processing capabilities so you can expand into new geographic markets worry free.

Read more about our Fraud Prevention Service Levels.

Fraud Prevention and Chargeback Management Includes:

  • Global fraud prevention
  • Pre-chargeback alerts
  • SAFE and TC-40 reports
  • Chargeback dispute services
Ready to Integrate

Chargeback Management

We give you the data and tools to resolve many disputes before they become chargebacks. We’ll also help you dispute any chargebacks you think are invalid.

Pre-chargeback Alerts

Resolve customer disputes before a chargeback is filed. We’ve partnered with Verifi and Ethoca to provide merchants with a complete pre-chargeback alert service.

SAFE and TC-40 Reports

We monitor cards that were reported lost or stolen and can refund purchases that were likely not authorized by the cardholder.

Chargeback Disputes

If you receive a chargeback for a purchase you believe is valid, we’re here to help you dispute it.

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