Global Payments

Accept Global Payments Quickly and Easily

Recent studies show that localization increases conversions rates by 30%. That’s why we offer the most extensive set of localized options in the industry to provide our merchants with a robust network of local connections.

With the Powered Buy PlatformTM you’ll have access to checkout experiences in:

Global Payments Include:

  • 29 Languages
  • 100 Currencies
  • 110 Payment Types
Ready to Integrate

Thanks to our carefully developed BuyNow Hosted Checkout Page, you can have instant access to dynamically localized payment types and currencies, all designed to make your customers feel at home.

In addition to offering presentment in over 100 currencies, we are also able to offer settlement and payout in multiple currencies. We know that happy merchants yield happier customers, which is why we strive to offer nothing but the best.

International Fraud Protection

When it comes to fraud protection, we have your back. BlueSnap’s Powered Buy Platform comes fully integrated with Kount’s fraud solution. Thanks to a best-in-class system that analyzes hundreds of data points on every transaction, in a matter of mili-seconds, we’re able to protect our merchants against most cases of fraud. Our fraud prevention and security includes: chargeback management, simplified PCI compliance, and fraud prevention.

At BlueSnap, our mission is to put control where it belongs: in the hands of our merchants. To this end, much like our other offerings, we have customizable fraud solutions depending on your specific business needs. Check out your options here.

Recurring Global Payments

Our award-winning recurring billing models enable you to give your customers the flexibility they need to pay in a way that is most convenient. With dynamic subscription plans, you can offer monthly, quarterly, and annual pricing plans. You’ll have full control over pricing, so you can save time for what really matters: sitting back and watching the sales roll in.

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Global Payments Reporting & Analytics

Thanks to our robust payment analytics, you can develop data driven insights to show you what’s working, and where there is room for improvement. BlueSnap reports will enable you to:

  • Track sales in real-time and build revenue reports
  • Analyze conversion rates
  • Compare and optimize checkout pages
  • Receive Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs)
  • Create customized reports to share data that matters most to each department from marketing all the way to your CFO
  • Run promotions based on carefully analyzed performance

Payment Analytics Include:

  • Payment Conversions: Determine which prices, currencies, and locales are worth investing in.
  • Sales Intelligence: Track sales by currency, product, region, price point and payment type.
  • Reconciliation: Say goodbye to the hours you spend closing the books each month. BlueSnap streamlines this process so you can reconcile in a snap.
  • Cleanse Report: Are chargebacks and declines stunting your growth? These reports will help you sell into the highest performing markets while eliminating fraud and declines.

Supports 180 Countries, 110 Payment Types, 100 Currencies & 29 Languages.payment-icons

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