Payment Analytics

Gain greater transparency and insight with real-time reporting. Every transaction and every customer interaction is recorded for you to analyze. You can access data in our rich reporting library of pre-built reports or our reporting API.

  • Payment Conversions
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Reconciliation
  • Cleanse Reports


New! Mobile Reporting App

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New! Mobile Reporting App

· Real-time. Transactions are pushed to the app as they happen.

· Complete data history. Track all sales, refunds, chargebacks, and subscriptions.

· Take action. Find orders, issue refunds, and cancel subscriptions with  a few taps.

· Stay informed. Monitor sales trends, payment conversions, and more.

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Payment Conversion Report

Payments need to get optimized to reach their full revenue making potential. With the payment conversion report, you can glean insights into what currencies, price points, and locations have lower than normal conversion rates and make a plan to optimize payments for those under performing areas.

Sales Intelligence

Track sales by currency, product, region, price point, payment type, you name it, you can slice and dice the sales data to figure out what is working best for your company and what’s not.


Closing the books each month can be stressful and time consuming if you have several accounts to reconcile. That’s one of the huge advantages with BlueSnap, since we integrate with Paypal, and all other payment types into our Powered Buy Platform™, all payment data flows into and out of one system, making reconciliation a snap.

Cleanse Report

Take control of the health of your sales funnel with the Cleanse Report. This report is used to identify where you are getting higher than normal rates of declines due to fraud, chargebacks and refunds so that you can take steps to clean out those bad transactions.

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Tracking and reporting allows you to see:

  • All sales per product, summary and detailed views
  • Sales by specific transaction(s) or customer(s)
  • All orders and licenses per product, categorized by referrals
  • Detailed lists of all active subscriptions per product
  • Expected income from subscriptions and recurring charges per month
  • Recurring charges per product/contract (both failed and successful)
  • Available customer information for sales that did not successfully close
  • Detailed information about user behavior on the hosted payment pages
  • Historical payment reports
  • Product unique visits vs. actual sales
  • Comparison of your month-to-date sales within the last 4 months and up to 2 years of data
  • Comparison of your month-over-month sales per product within the last 4 months, up to 2 years

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