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Convert More Shoppers with Google Pay

Take the Effort Out Of Checkout with Google Pay.

Google Pay is a faster, more secure way to pay on sites and in apps using the payment methods saved to a Google Account. Read the Documentation.

A Better Way to Pay, with Google


  • Google Pay is accepted in millions of places around the world. It’s available on Android, iOS, and desktop, and you can use it on multiple browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Increased Conversions

  • Google Pay delivers frictionless checkout by eliminating the need to type billing and shipping details. Increase conversions by giving shoppers a better way to pay.

Easy Setup

  • With a single connection to the Platform, and no Google Pay account needed, you can start offering Google Pay today with the Google Pay API or BlueSnap Hosted Pages. Implement Google Pay today.

Enhanced Security

  • Google Pay protects payment info with multiple layers of security, including card network tokenization.

Anywhere You Get Paid

  • Add Google Pay to your online checkout, offer it to the vendors in your marketplace, or combine it with your invoice payments solution.

Use For Everything You Sell

  • Shoppers can access payment info stored with other wallets like PayPal and Visa Checkout when paying with Google Pay. Talk to Sales.

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Offer the payment types your shoppers expect.

eWallets, like Google Pay, dramatically improve checkout conversions. If you’re not offering them to shoppers already, you should strongly consider it as well as a wide variety of other payment types.

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Payment Optimization

Grow your business with the highest-quality payment processing available. With connections to 30 banks around the world, BlueSnap's All-in-One Payment Platform automatically routes transactions to the most appropriate local bank to increase success rates.

Analytics and Reporting

Payments need to be optimized to reach their full revenue-driving potential. Our built-in payment analytics tool collects key sales intelligence so you can figure out what is and isn't working for your business.

Fraud Prevention

Mitigate risk and capture more stress-free global sales online. Backed by award-winning technology, our All-in-One Payment Platform offers customized fraud protection to meet your needs.

Google Pay Docs

Check out our docs to learn how to
implement Apple Pay onto your checkout.

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