Protect Your Business

Legal requirements

Keeping business safe

BlueSnap takes care to follow all legal requirements and we expect our clients to do so as well.

Please take time to read these legal documents carefully, as they govern sensitive issues of privacy and define the products that can be marketed and sold using BlueSnap e-Business solution, and our policy on refunds.

The documents also explain our acceptable use policy and set out the formal requirements needed in the event that you ever need to issue a DMCA Notice.

We advise you to review these pages from time to time as they can be updated without prior notice.
If you are already registered as a BlueSnap merchant or Affiliate you will be able to access your full terms of service from the Support Section of your BlueSnap Control Panel.

Click the relevant link for the appropriate items:

BlueSnap’s policy on privacy and personal information

Privacy policy

BlueSnap’s policy on prohibited items, acceptable use and DMCA

Prohibitions & DMCA

BlueSnap’s no spam guidelines

No spam

BlueSnap’s refund policy

Refund policy

BlueSnap’s complaints & dispute resolution

Dispute and Complaints Resolution