Dispute Resolution

BlueSnap is committed to resolving any complaints in a transparent and prompt manner and to keeping customers and merchants advised of the progress of any investigation relating to a complaint and the steps being taken to resolve it.


Complaints relating to a product or service purchased through the BlueSnap payment platform will usually need to be resolved directly by the relevant provider.


We encourage you to provide full details of your complaint by emailing the BlueSnap support team as follows.

Consumers & End Customers: shoppers@bluesnap.com

Merchants: merchants@bluesnap.com

Please also see our contacts section at: https://home.bluesnap.com/ecommerce/contact-us/


If you acted in the transaction as a consumer based in the EU and such a complaint is not satisfactorily handled or resolved by us then you may apply to the EU’s Online Dispute Resolution Service. See this link for more information:



In addition to this free service, EU consumers also have the option of seeking assistance from a number of certified Alternative Dispute Resolution services available in EU member states.


In the case of EU citizens acting as a consumer or micro enterprise whose complaint relates to the actual payment services provided by BlueSnap, then BlueSnap is committed under the rules of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide a final decision or resolution on such a complaint within 8 weeks. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction then you are entitled to apply to the Financial Ombudsman’s Service (FOS) for further assistance. See this link for more information: