Disputes and Complaints Resolution

Shoppers and smaller merchants known as microbusineses (generally businesses with less than 10 employees), based in the EEA/EU have additional statutory rights concerning the handling of complaints concerning services rendered directly by BlueSnap (see below).

In Canada, merchants have additional rights according to the Canada Code of Conduct (see below).

Shoppers please note:

  • Issues and complaints regarding the actual services and/or products purchased from a merchant that uses BlueSnap to process the payment should first be addressed to the relevant merchant supplier directly. BlueSnap does not provide product support.
  • If the matter cannot be solved with the merchant you may then contact BlueSnap Shopper Support using our support form and we will do our best to assist.
  • If you are a Shopper and your issue relates to BlueSnap’s provision of payment services rather than the product or service purchased from the merchant, you are encouraged to raise the matter with us using the support form.

Merchants with complaints concerning BlueSnap’s provision of payment services are advised to email our Merchant Support team.


EU Shoppers’ Additional Statutory Rights – Dispute Resolution Services

  • EU-based shoppers have the right to seek redress for unresolved complaints and disputes through EU certified Alternative Dispute Resolution schemes and also the EU Online Dispute Resolution service.
  • This free EU-wide service is available for EU-based consumers to use at the following address.
  • This service is intended to help resolve disputes arising out of any purchases made either domestically or across EU state borders.

EU/EEA Shoppers’ and EU/EEA Small Merchants’ Additional Statutory Rights – Provision of Payment Services

  • BlueSnap is a regulated provider of payment services, supervised by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Complaints relating to BlueSnap’s provision of payment services that we cannot settle can be referred to the UK’s Financial Ombudsman Service.
  • An online leaflet providing information about the Financial Ombudsman Service is available from this link:


Canada Code of Conduct Complaints

In Canada, merchants have additional rights according to the Canada Code of Conduct (see below). If there is a potential violation of the Code of Conduct you want to bring to our attention, please complete the support form and reference the element your complaint relates to.  Following receipt of your complaint we will:

  • Acknowledge receipt within five business days.
  • Provide our final decision within 90 days of receiving the complaint, along with:
    • A summary of the complaint;
    • The final result of the investigation; and,
    • Explanation of the final decision;

If we cannot provide a response within 90 days, you will be informed of the delay, the reason for the delay, and the expected response time.