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Helping Your Business During the Pandemic

The world has changed.

And businesses need to change too.

When a global workplace design firm’s projects were halted by a pandemic, they didn’t stop working. They pivoted, leveraging their diverse global supply chain and long-term partnerships to create Unimedical. This new division of Unispace gets essential medical products to the global organizations fighting against COVID-19. In just a matter of hours, BlueSnap helped them digitize their invoice payments so they could get these essential materials in the right hands.

Whether you’re moving your brick-and-mortar business online to capture at-home orders or securing your existing business to weather current tumultuous times, BlueSnap’s All-in-One Payment Platform offers the tools and services you need to survive today and thrive in the future.

The All-in-One Solution Fit for Every Business

Accept Payments Online

  • 3 ways to get up and running fast. You can use - our easy-to-integrate API and library of SDKs for web and mobile applications - our plug-ins to 100s of business software - our Hosted Payment Page or Embedded Checkout.

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Increase Cash Flow with Electronic Invoicing and Automated AR

  • Concerned about sending paper invoices, processing checks and being paid fast? Our invoicing solution with built-in electronic payment and automated accounts receivable will improve your cash flow.

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Optimize Cross-Border Transactions to Save on Fees

  • Now more than ever, optimizing your costs matter. BlueSnap has one of the largest global acquiring bank networks and can help your business can reduce costly cross-border fees.

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Increase Payment Authorization Rates

  • Every hard-earned sale can be lost if it is not approved. BlueSnap’s Intelligent Payment Routing uses the latest technology and superior logic to increase successful authorizations by 3% to 6%. Automated failover and account updater are also built-in.

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Fraud Protection & Chargebacks Management

  • Since the onset of the crisis, online fraud has been on the rise and disputes are expected to soar as well. To protect your business and help you manage potential losses, the All-in-One Payment Platform has integrated with industry-leading solutions from Kount and Chargebacks911.

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Simplify Your Tech Stack to Save on Development & Maintenance Resources

  • The cost of maintaining multiple payment gateways, integrations with eWallets and other tools can take a toll on your business. With one integration, BlueSnap provides payment gateways, merchant accounts and the built-in tools your business needs to weather the crisis.

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Increase Your Business Resiliency During and After the Pandemic

In our latest virtual panel, industry experts from BlueSnap, Google Pay and Acro Media discuss how businesses are overcoming major payments & eCommerce hurdles in this ever changing climate.

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