By using BlueSnap as your processor, Zuora clients can increase authorization rates and improve reporting. With the integration, you will have access to a robust, full-featured global gateway, including Intelligent Payment Routing that routes transactions automatically to multiple acquiring banks globally to ensure maximum payment success rates.


With the integration to Zuora, our gateway includes:

  •  Global support to reach customers in 180 countries
  •  A single connection to multiple acquiring banks for retries, failovers and intelligent routing to increase payment conversions
  •  Processing in 100 currencies | Remittance in all major currencies
  •  Payment Analytics to help you take a deeper look at the payment dataand metrics that drive your order to cash revenue
  •  Best-in-class fraud protection that analyzes 100’s of data points & rules in real-time to protect your business


  • Accept all major credit cards/debit cards
  • Get a merchant account and payment gateway all-in-one
  • Multi-currency support
  • Daily monitoring of payment conversions
  • Local acquiring with multiple processors


  •  Up to 3% uplift from failover transactions
  •  Up to 17% lift in conversions from routing transactions to best acquiring bank
  •  Maximum payment success
  •  Single integration to multiple acquirers


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