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Payment Analytics & Reporting

100% visibility. Unpack your business data for actionable insights.

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Insightful Sales Intelligence for a Bird’s Eye View of Your Business

Every transaction, customer interaction, and reconciliation report contains crucial information for optimizing your payments processes. Our All-in-One Payment Orchestration Platform includes built-in payment gateway analytics tools that provide a single, consolidated view of your business performance. Access your data your way through our rich reporting dashboard, mobile app, or Reporting API.

Analyze Conversion Rates

Discover which currencies, price points, and locations have lower-than-normal payment conversion rates to hone your market strategy

Slice & Dice Sales Intelligence

Enhanced sales strategies begin here. Track sales by currency, product, region, payment type, and more.

Reconcile in a Snap

Close the books with ease. All payment data flows in and out of our integrated system for simplified reconciliation.

Eliminate Bad Transactions

High decline rates are bad for business. Cleanse Reports reveal where fraud, chargebacks, and refunds are hampering your revenue growth.

What once took days now takes minutes. See how Veracross saved time and money with BlueSnap's Reporting API.

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Custom Reporting with No Data Limits

Crunching the numbers each month is difficult enough. Your job could be infinitely easier with BlueSnap’s flexible, feature-rich Reporting API. With real-time data retrieval, you can access reports whenever and wherever you need them. Our easy-to-use API supports paging and customization, so you can generate the reports that mean the most to your business. Already using multiple reporting systems for financial analysis? No problem — the BlueSnap Reporting API allows you to easily pull payments data into existing BI systems.

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With a single integration to the API, you can:

Save time and collect meaningful insights with real-time data retrieval.

Generate flexible reports to view the data most relevant to your business.

Easily aggregate disparate datasets into an integrated business intelligence system.

View as much or as little data as you need with the Reporting API's paging support.

Real-Time Data. Transformative Insight. Continued Success.

A growing business needs a watchful eye — at work, at home, and on the go. BlueSnap’s mobile reporting functionality provides access to the complete data history of your business, including sales success, refund requests, recent account activities, and more. With the power to generate customized reports using real-time data and take corrective action when necessary, you can maintain complete visibility and control over your business performance, anywhere, anytime.

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Global Payments Without the Reconciliation Headache

The words “effortless” and “reconciliation” aren’t often used in the same sentence. That changes today. BlueSnap’s multi-currency payment platform alleviates the burden of reconciling multiple accounts by pulling all payment data into a single, comprehensive report. With one integration, you could benefit from a simple reconciliation process.

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Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say.

We plan to continue working with BlueSnap — the support is great, our account manager is phenomenal and super-responsive. He’s also happy to work with us to find solutions that are specific to individual schools, so they can all get exactly what they need. That’s huge for us — unique solutions are part of what differentiates us as a company.

Don Humpton, Director of Client Services, Veracross

Grow your sales with more built-in features:

Payment Optimization

Grow your business with the highest-quality payment processing available. With connections to 30 banks around the world, BlueSnap's All-in-One Payment Orchestration Platform automatically routes transactions to the most appropriate local bank to increase success rates.

Payment Types

Make your customers feel at home — no matter where they live. Our global payment solution supports more than 100 of the world's preferred payment types, so you can provide your customers with a localized checkout experience that boosts conversions.

Completely secure online payment solution.

Our Approach

BlueSnap helps businesses increase sales and reduce costs through an innovative approach to accepting global payment. When we say we have the All-in-One Payment Orchestration Platform, we mean it. With one contract and one account, you get everything you need to sell globally built in. And our entire solution is modular, so you can turn functionality on and off. Our payment experts work with our customers to ensure every payment solution is optimized to each company’s specific needs. With BlueSnap, you get:

Expert guidance on how to optimize your payments and best integrate our platform.
Intelligent solutions to solve your payment problems and help you grow your global sales.
Live support and clear developer docs so you get answers when you need them.

Streamline your payment solution and gain functionality.