BlueSnap Payment API

Create a frictionless checkout experience

Processing card payments with our Payment API is easy. Design your own form and use our API to take credit and debit card payments, plus an API integration with Paypal and other popular alternative payment methods.



Advanced Purchase Flows

Use the Extended Payment API for card processing plus more sophisticated purchase flows using coupons, subscription billing, track purchases based on product, segment, and more!

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Tools to Reduce PCI Compliance Burden

Hosted Payment Fields – NEW!

Now you can drop in hosted payment fields into your custom built checkout flow. You control the look and feel through the CSS for a quick easy way to have a custom checkout flow, with easy PCI compliance.

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Client-Side Encryption

BlueSnap offers a simplified way to take complete ownership over your checkout pages using our API while drastically reducing your PCI compliance scope.

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Mobile Development

Both RESTful APIs can be used for native mobile development.


App selected from mobile store


Payment prompt interface

eCommerce Tools:
Integrated Coupons


Coins purchased in packages or via subscription

Subscription Billing


First time card purchase using Payment Plus API


Hosted Checkout For local language, currency and payment type (Ex. Germany)


Confirmation of payment initiates download

eCommerce Tools:
Digital Downloads


One-click purchase option for returning shoppers

Design Your Own AND use Hosted Checkout

Combine your API solution with our BuyNow Hosted Checkout pages to offer your local shoppers a custom UI design, and offer your international shoppers an path to alternative payments with localized language and currency with our global-ready hosted checkout pages. Our payment system allows you the most flexible integration so you can choose how to serve your shoppers and still get the best conversion possible.

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Descriptive Error Codes for Smarter Decline Responses

Typically, merchants will provide a relatively generic message such as “Card declined, please try again or contact your bank for more information”, in order to avoid giving a potential fraudster too much information.

The merchant should log the actual error code and description in their system in the event they need to provide it if the shopper calls.

Some merchants may also want to handle certain error codes differently than the processor handles them. For example, a merchant may decide to decline based on a partial AVS (address) mismatch where a processor has authorized the transaction. In this case, the merchant should send a Refund request immediately to BlueSnap which will in turn cancel the authorization.

See the Documentation to learn more about error handling.