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Payments for Business Management Platforms

Offer your customers a comprehensive, modern solution that meets their needs.

Payment Processing for Your Customers. Solved.

As a business management platform, you provide essential tools to power your customers’ businesses. Integrating payments into your platform is an added value that can boost customer satisfaction. BlueSnap’s modern, flexible payment solution can be configured to meet your customers’ needs without overcomplicating your development efforts.

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The Benefits of BlueSnap's Embedded Payments and Payfac-as-a-Service Solutions

Global Payment Processing

Our network of global banks, Intelligent Payment Routing and 100+ currencies give you and your customers the flexibility to do business in more locations, more efficiently.

Fast Onboarding

Whether you’re switching from another provider or integrating payments for the first time, your customers will get up and running quickly via our automated onboarding API.

Recurring Transactions

From customizable price points and payment cycles to our automatic account updater and stored payment tokens, we make recurring payments flexible and easy.

Easy API Integration

Once your platform integrates to BlueSnap with our API or hosted solution, there’s no costly development for your customers. You’ll have a built-in payments solution that meets your customers' needs.

Robust Consolidated Reporting

Your customers get rich insights and can manage their payment processing through a single dashboard or mobile app – view transactions, manage recurring payments, reconcile deposits, build custom reports and more.

Go-to-Market Support

Your success is our success. Our expert Partner Success Team will go to work for you with optimized strategies, cobranded marketing materials and more to help attract adoption amongst your customers.

BlueSnap Helps Multiple Business Platforms Integrate Payments

Donation Payment Processing

With the right payment solution, your clients can process online donation payments effectively and efficiently.

Registration Payment Solutions

Whether it's for camp or classes, BlueSnap can help you provide the right registration payment solution.

Membership Payment Processing

Create a membership payment processing solution your customers would love to have access to.

ERP Payment System

Help your customers manage payments right along with all of their other core business operations.

CRM Payment System

Help your customers increase sales and reduce costs with a CRM payment system integrated into your platform.

And More!

Whatever your business management platform, BlueSnap can help you design a payment solution that meets your customers' needs.

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A complete, secure, online and mobile payment solution.

Streamline your payment solution and gain functionality.