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Physical Goods

Sell and ship anywhere with a single, powerful solution

Physical Goods Payments. Solved.

Shipping physical goods to your global customers should be frictionless. BlueSnap makes online checkouts easy with personalized customer experiences and everything you need to increase your global sales. With BlueSnap’s platform, you get the fraud prevention and global compliance solutions your business needs to thrive.

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Personalized Checkout for More Conversions

Localized Experience

Make your global customers feel at home. Our global payment platform supports local currencies and languages, so you can provide your customers with a seamless experience no matter where they are.

Grow Mobile Sales

We’ve all made those purchases on the go, while watching TV, or while surfing our favorite website. Use our SKDs to create a mobile-friendly checkout experience and offer multiple eWallets to capture and delight more mobile shoppers.

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Delight Repeat Customers

Capturing repeat purchases has never been this easy. Seamless, one-click checkout and stored payment information increase conversions and keep your customers coming back for more.

Gears Society captures more global shoppers by allowing shoppers to pay in their currency.

Efficiently Streamline Operations

Pre-Built eCommerce Platform Integrations

Take advantage of our pre-built integrations and begin accepting payments immediately with the systems you already use. BlueSnap’s solution is supported by eCommerce Platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Magento, and more.

Ship Your Goods All Around the Globe

Physical goods require top-notch shipping and handling to reach customers safely. Our solution works with 3rd party global shipping partners so you have everything you need to start selling globally today. We work with partner offerings such as FedEx Cross Border to make sure your goods get where they need to go.

Ripples uses BlueSnap with WooCommerce to sell and ship their beverage-top media maker globally.

Protect Your Business From Fraud

Prevent Fraud & Help Drive Sales

BlueSnap’s platform comes with the world’s leading fraud prevention technology built-in, so you can maintain maximum security and protect your revenue.

Add An Extra Layer of Protection

Reduce fraudulent purchases with advanced AVS and CVV checks. Your customers — and your bottom line — will thank you. When enabling 3-D Secure for strong customer authentication, you are no longer liable for any fraudulent transactions.

Reduce and Mitigate Costly Chargebacks

Chargebacks911 is built into BlueSnap's payment platform to help your business prevent chargebacks and minimize revenue loss. BlueSnap’s solution enables retailers like you to manage chargebacks with ease.

Arccos Golf keeps fraudulent transactions at bay with BlueSnap's built-in fraud prevention from Kount.

Local and Global Compliance Solutions

Simple, Automated Tax Calculations

We partner with Avalara to provide real-time tax calculation at checkout so you are compliant with local tax laws in real time.

PSD2 Compliance Made Easy

BlueSnap supports 3-D Secure, for Strong Customer Authentication, delivering frictionless payment authentication across any device. BlueSnap’s platform allows the option for payment card data to never touch your servers.

Adele Devine deployed 3-D Secure for SCA to ensure sales in the EU are PSD2 compliant.

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Is your company shipping goods on a recurring basis? Our award-winning engine has everything you need to reach customers around the world for your subscription or membership program, and will help to increase your recurring revenue on a global scale.

Payments for Marketplaces

Seamlessly connect buyers and sellers from all around the world with one multi-party payment platform. Our platform handles the payments between you and your vendors which keeps your PSD2 compliance in check.

A complete, secure, online and mobile payment solution.

Streamline your payment solution and gain functionality.