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BlueSnap Platform Enhancements

Below is a list of recent platform enhancements that you may find important. These updates provide enhancements to BlueSnap’s payment platform and functionality.

January 2022

IPN A new IPN has been added for the Vaulted Shopper function that will be initiated when one is created or updated, triggering the IPN to be sent directly to the merchant for set-up.
Reporting Enhancements have been added to the reporting function of BlueSnap’s Payment Analytics Module including multi-MID reporting for partners on custom transactions and vendor information for payout reporting.


December 2021

AR Automation Now offering the ability to sync refunds with Sage Intacct.
Israel Local Card Acquiring Local card acquiring is now available in Israel, giving businesses access to a local bank in Israel.
IPN New IPN has been added and will be sent with successful authorization only requests if activated in your IPN settings
Idempotency Adding Idempotency support for Capture and Auth Reversal transactions.
Onboarding BlueSnap’s platform will now have the optional parameter to send in the partner API to control production signup email and documentation collection within the email settings.

September 2021

Sandbox After signing up for our sandbox, merchants will now receive communications and updates from BlueSnap.
Invoicing BlueSnap INN (Russian Tax ID) and KPP number will be added to any invoices where we collect Russia VAT instead of getting BlueSnap US and EU registration numbers.
Notification Service (NS) Added refund reason to merchant refund notice emails.


August 2021

IPN Created an API to register IPN destinations and support subscription webhooks.
Portal Added the ability, to allow the merchant to decide if their shoppers can switch subscription contracts within the shopper control panel in the Merchant Portal.


June 2021

Hosted Fields Improved Hosted Payment Fields by allowing the token created during a Create Vaulted Shopper request to include the CVV when performing a subsequent auth or auth/capture request. This feature will be off by default.