Prohibitions & DMCA

Prohibitions & DMCA

BlueSnap policy on prohibited items, acceptable use & DMCA

(Ver. 1.8 Date: February 12, 2014)


BlueSnap provides secure e-Commerce services for the sale of digital goods and services. BlueSnap respects each seller’s and affiliate’s right to market and sell their wares. However, we are unable to provide e-commerce services to all types of business.The BlueSnap Prohibited Items Policy includes items, categories of items and account usage that cannot be supported through the BlueSnap service. BlueSnap reserves the right to update this policy at any time without prior notice.
Please read this policy carefully and make sure your products and use of BlueSnap account are compliant.

Actions BlueSnap may take

BlueSnap conducts regular screening and review of accounts, products, and business practices. If it comes to the attention of BlueSnap, Inc.* (“BlueSnap”) that a BlueSnap merchant or affiliate is in violation of this BlueSnap policy, BlueSnap may close the relevant account, and retain any earnings to pay for future refunds/chargebacks or administrative costs. In case of illegal activity in your account BlueSnap will cooperate with law enforcement agencies as necessary and will provide information upon request.

Acceptable use of a BlueSnap account

Your BlueSnap account and BuyNow links are intended solely for valid sale transactions between legitimate buyers and BlueSnap. Any exception is forbidden including but not limited to fraudulent activity of any type, transfer of funds, virtual currency or any stored value credits.
You are required to have a valid web site where the BlueSnap BuyNow links are posted. The web site has to include the product(s) description, contact information and a refund policy.
All orders must be placed within the BlueSnap secured BuyNow form and by the payment vehicle legitimate owners themselves. You may not collect credit card / payment information from buyers. You may not store credit card/payment information records anywhere in your BlueSnap account storage space.

BlueSnap BuyNow links should not be included in any spamming activity or communication.

Violations of the BlueSnap Acceptable Use and Prohibited Items Policy

Please assist us in detecting and reporting violations of this Policy by contacting us at Please include a description of the suspected violation and links with screenshots if possible.


BlueSnap does not allow the use of any BlueSnap links and products in any type of spam activity. If you believe that a BlueSnap link was used in spam activity please submit a report to and include the relevant link/s and message/s.
Merchants and affiliates are requested to review our guidelines on avoiding spam to help stay on the right side of the relevant legislation.

DMCA notice

BlueSnap, Inc. respects the intellectual property of others and expects all BlueSnap merchants to do the same. For information on making an infringement claim, please visit our DMCA Notice page.

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