Prohibitions & DMCA

Acceptable Use

Acceptable use of a BlueSnap account

Your BlueSnap account and BuyNow links are intended solely for valid sale transactions between legitimate buyers and BlueSnap. Any exception is forbidden including but not limited to fraudulent activity of any type, transfer of funds, virtual currency or any stored value credits.

You are required to have a valid website where the BlueSnap BuyNow links are posted. The website has to include the product(s) description, contact information and a refund policy.

All orders must be placed within the BlueSnap secured BuyNow form and by the payment vehicle legitimate owners themselves. You may not collect credit card / payment information from buyers. You may not store credit card/payment information records anywhere in your BlueSnap account storage space.

BlueSnap BuyNow links should not be included in any spamming activity or communication.

Violations of the BlueSnap acceptable use and prohibited items policy

Please assist us in detecting and reporting violations of this Policy by contacting us at Please include a description of the suspected violation and links with screenshots if possible.