All-in-one Payment Platform

A single integration to one payment gateway, one merchant account connected to multiple global acquirers.

Accept Payments

More than just basic credit card processing, BlueSnap gives you as many ways to accept payments as there are to make sales. Depending on your business model, you decide how you want to reach customers and vendors. We support traditional online and mobile checkout as well as invoice payments, phone and email orders through virtual terminal, subscription billing, and marketplace (multi-vendor) business models.

Sell Globally

Capture more global sales by giving customers everywhere the payment choices they want. BlueSnap supports e-wallets and credit cards as well as local payment methods and currencies used in almost every corner of the world. And our intelligent payment routing system automatically routes cross-border transactions to the bank most appropriate for your shoppers, boosting your eCommerce payment processing success rate.

Boost Your Revenue

Reach your company’s full potential with the help of BlueSnap’s built-in advanced eCommerce tools. We’ve done the integration so you don’t have to. First, our payment platform helps reduce fraud-related losses with the help of Kount’s world-class fraud protection technology. Additionally, you’ll gain the insights needed to make smart decisions for your organization using our extensive reporting options, including the ability to analyze patterns and trends in your transaction history. And finally, you can access any report you like at any time—and manage and track payments, too—with our mobile reporting app.

Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers say about us.

Our new integration was a much more seamless experience for our clients. We knew we had made a good decision when we saw our bounce rate drop overnight on the checkout page from 25% to less than 1%. Overnight. The new BlueSnap checkout experience had a direct and immediate impact.

Melissa Malone COO at Gelmix

As a fast growing startup, we needed a global payment gateway that would eliminate the heavy lifting so we could focus on our product and our customers. BlueSnap was the best solution available. We’re selling around the world and our development team gets to focus on building the world’s best video creation platform.

Oren Boiman Co-Founder and CEO at Magisto

PreSonus is always trying to improve the experience we give our customers, be it with hardware products, software, or our online assets. BlueSnap’s latest technology is allowing us to do that with a great set of solutions that we are excited to use.

Jim Boitnott EVP, Product Services at PreSonus

Streamline your payment solution and gain functionality.