Chargeback Management

Keep your account in good standing with the card networks and keep growing your business.


Recover Lost Revenue

  • Chargeback alerts
  • Track disputes
  • SAFE & TC-40 Reports
Ready to Integrate

We partner with Chargebacks 911 to help you recover lost revenue.

We help you automate your response to retrieval requests and many chargeback reason codes. For the more complicated cases, experts prepare and submit a dispute on your behalf. Configurable rules determine which chargebacks get disputed.

Chargeback Prevention

Sign up for chargeback alerts so you can resolve disputes before they turn into chargebacks.

Revenue Recovery

Dispute chargebacks for valid sales and recover lost revenue.

Reputation Defense

Fighting back against friendly fraud can decrease the number of chargebacks you receive.

In-depth Reporting

Track your dispute performance. Identify the root caues of your chargebacks, and monitor your chargeback ratio for each card brand.

Learn about Chargebacks.

Stop Chargebacks Before They Happen

Our chargeback management services directs shopper disputes to your business so you have a chance to respond and resolve the issue directly with the shopper before a chargeback is submitted.

We have partnered with Verifi and Ethoca to provide you with a complete pre-chargeback alert service.

  • Verifi CDRN provides alerts for all chargebacks not just fraud chargebacks. Ideal for businesses with a lot of US shoppers.
  • Ethoca Alerts provides alerts for fraud related chargebacks only. Ideal for businesses with a lot of fraud chargebacks and/or global shoppers.

You can use both or the one that fits your business best. Alert services like Ethoca and Verifi can prevent up to 40% of fraud and non-fraud chargebacks so you keep more sales.