eCommerce Tools

Optimize your checkout process to delight your customers and meet your business needs.

Sell Digital & Physical Goods

Our payment platform provides you with easy-to-use management tools for both digital and physical goods. You can tailor our solution to fit your business model and industry requirements.

eCommerce Tools Include:

  • Digital & Physical
  • Higher Conversions
  • eCommerce Features
  • Reporting
Ready to Integrate

Local Checkout Experience leads to Higher Conversions

Our BuyNow hosted checkout page is streamlined to make it easy for shoppers to complete a purchase on any device.  The simplicity of our hosted solution does not mean it is lacking in ways to pay. We offer more alternative methods than any other payment gateway so your customers can pay with mobile wallets, credit cards, or a range of other options. Did we mention that we offer a localized experience? Thanks to data from IP addresses, our hosted checkout pages present local language, payment types, and currencies to your shoppers.

eCommerce Features Make it Easy to Attract & Retain Shoppers

You can manage coupons for one-time and recurring payments, provide flexible pricing tiers with volume discounts, manage your catalogue, offer post-sales emails that encourage returning shoppers, and much more.

Self-Service Merchant Console

BlueSnap’s custom tracking and reporting gives critical insight into customer behavior and product performance. Real-time event notifications, live monitoring page views & visitors, and third-party performance tracking are just a few of the reports you’ll have access to track your online business.