Fraud Prevention

We have your back

Our All-in-one Payment Platform includes a full-stack of world-class fraud prevention and risk management tools.

We’ve integrated Kount’s fraud detection platform with our global payment processing capabilities so you can accept more orders, from more people, in more places than ever before.

Transactions are reviewed in real-time according to industry best practices, incorporating hundreds of data points into the analysis. Since we’ve already integrated Kount’s fraud-fighting technology, no additional development or IT resources are necessary on your end.


Fraud Prevention Includes:

  • Global fraud prevention
  • Customization to meet your specific needs
  • Device fingerprinting
Ready to Integrate

3D Secure

We also support 3D Secure with all the major credit card brands so you can implement an additional layer of protection and comply with any regional or card type requirements for strong customer authentication.

We know every business has different needs when it comes to reducing fraud and increasing revenue opportunities. If you want more control or customized options of fraud protection to meet your specific needs, we have solutions for you too.

Read more about our Fraud Prevention Service Levels.