Payment Methods

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Give your customers the local payment methods they need for frictionless transactions and increase your sales.


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Our Platform enables more than 110 of the world’s favorite payment methods, so your customers will always find their preferred payment type when they check out. And it’s a snap to add or change payment methods to match your customer preferences, anytime.

  • Vary your payment types to match the regional and cultural preferences of global shoppers.
  • Stay on top of emerging payment methods with our innovation-driven platform.
  • Enable new payment types as you enter new markets.

International Cards

International Credit Cards

  **Exact card types are dependent on merchant location



Additional Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Reach more customers in more corners of the world.


Deliver a local payment experience no matter where your customers live, with an automatic rendering of your checkout pager in customers’ local language and built-in currency conversion.

Our global payment platform covers:

Support hundreds of payment types with one easy solution.