Intelligent Payment Routing

Most payment service providers have a single connection to an acquiring bank. This single connection acts as a bottle neck for payment transactions. If the bank connection fails, the transactions fail. If the bank is located in the US, but the shopper’s bank is located in another country, it’s more likely to get flagged for fraud due to mismatched currency. These false declines add up.


Intelligent Payment Routing Includes:

  • Global payment gateway
  • A single Integration
  • Connections to 30 global banks
Ready to Integrate

BlueSnap’s All-in-one Payment Platform comes with connections to 30 global acquiring banks so you see more sales. The Platform gets you a merchant account, payment gateway and processor all-in-one. Through a single connection to the Platform you get automatic transaction routing to the acquiring bank that is appropriate for your shopper, plus fail-overs and subscription retries to assure maximum success rate. Our businesses have seen up to 17% improvement in transaction success rates due to this global network of banks.

Choosing an Acquiring Bank

At BlueSnap, we monitor payment conversion on a daily basis on behalf of our businesses. We analyze shopper billing details and define the most optimized path to process transactions. Our flexible processing engine has the capability to switch transactions between acquiring banks, so we can change traffic routing and configuration options to optimize for maximum payment success.

We continue to monitor our acquiring relationships and add new channels regularly to provide businesses and shoppers with the highest quality of payment processing and 99.99% uptime.

Fail Over

Our processing engine supports automatic transaction failover between multiple acquiring banks and automated subscription retries to assure maximum success rates.

  • Failover mechanism: Attempts to charge the transaction with a new processor to try to preserve the sale.
  • Retry mechanism: Tries several times to charge a failed recurring charge and, when needed, notifies the shopper to update their billing details.

Minimize your effort. Maximize your conversion.