Tracking and Reports

Gain greater transparency and insight when reviewing real-time reports. Every transaction is associated with the details of the underlying order, and any activity that occurs remains a part of the permanent record, which enables you to accurately track the lifecycle of your customer base.

  • Get real-time sales, affiliate, and revenue reports
  • Analyze and assess all aspects of conversion performance
  • Compare and optimize order pages
  • Receive live sales notifications
  • Create customized reports

With real-time sales data, you can create attractive product bundles and promotions to drive even greater revenue performance. Learn more about how to use these reports in our User Guide.

Tracking and Reports Include:

  • Full Support for Digital
  • Higher Conversion
  • eCommerce Features
  • Self-Service Merchant Console
Ready to Integrate

BlueSnap reports allow you to view:

  • All sales per product/contract
  • Specific transaction(s) or customer(s)
  • Sales summary reports grouped by product or contract
  • Summary of orders and licenses per product categorized by referrals
  • Detailed lists of orders and licenses per product identified by their referrals
  • Detailed lists of all active subscriptions per product/contract
  • Expected income from subscriptions and recurring charges by month
  • Recurring charges per product/contract (both failed and successful)
  • Available customer information for sales that did not successfully close
  • Detailed information about the BuyNow activities
  • Past payment reports
  • Product unique hits vs. actual sales
  • Comparison of your month-to-date sales within the last 4 months and up to 2 years of data
  • Comparison of your month-over-month sales per product within the last 4 months, up to 2 years