Smart Subscriptions

Accept Multiple Currencies and Subscription Billing

Offer local payments and accept any payment subscription method with BlueSnap’s multi-currency processing. In many regions, credit and debit cards are not dominant forms of payment. With BlueSnap, you can support any type of payment as a subscription option, even wire transfers. Increase revenue by converting one-time customers into repeat buyers with automated reminders. We let you optimize recurring payments and subscriptions provide true global coverage.

Smart Subscriptions Include:

  • Full Support for Digital
  • Higher Conversion
  • eCommerce Tools
  • Tacking & Reports
Ready to Integrate

Generate Recurring Revenue

Create custom recurring models, from classic subscription plans, free trials, SaaS based, on-demand and pay-per-use charges, single-click purchases, and more. Offer coupons and discounts and update pricing and billing dates on the fly. Our customizable shopper management zone lets your customers upgrade, switch and cancel plans, manage and update their credit card & billing details, and view subscription terms and past invoices. Real-time analytics let you track conversion rates, gauge long-term subscriber income, analyze failed transactions, and track your sales funnel. Receive real-time notifications for any event such as initial charges, renewals, plan upgrades, declines, cancellations, and more.

Make It Easier For Customers

BlueSnap’s subscription billing management APIs lets you seamlessly integrate subscription management and BuyNow features in your internal systems.?They make it easy for your shoppers to switch payment plans, cancel subscriptions, and update their billing details through your website. Create a smooth buying experience for returning shoppers by letting them purchase with a single click.

Dunning Management

We help fight churn through dunning management that automatically retries a failed subscription several times during the grace period. BlueSnap merchants have found these methods to increase the shopper lifecycle and overall retention nearly 50%.