BlueSnap Payment Gateway Plugin for Shopify

Use BlueSnap with Shopify for Best Global Support and Fraud Prevention

Reasons to choose BlueSnap over Shopify Payments:

  • Global coverage for merchants and shoppers
  • World-class fraud protection
  • Support when you need it
  • Payment reports you can’t get from Shopify


BlueSnap supports merchants and shoppers worldwide

With BlueSnap we know that eCommerce happens on a global scale. That’s why we offer payment services worldwide serving merchants and shoppers in 180 countries.

BlueSnap has world-class fraud prevention built in

We are directly integrated with Kount, the leading fraud prevention software, to help online merchants eliminate fraud and increase sales. That means that with our payment platform, each transaction is analyzed against a database of known fraudsters and a highly sophisticated set of rules to catch fraudsters in the act. No other payment processor has this level of fraud prevention built in.


Features of BlueSnap Payments for Shopify

Here’s what you get when you choose BlueSnap payments for Shopify:

Accept all major cards in 180 countries

Shoppers will be directed to a checkout page hosted by BlueSnap that dynamically displays the checkout page in 29 languages and 100 currencies based on your shopper’s country IP. This makes global shoppers feel at home and gives them the confidence to complete the purchase.

Safe & Secure Transactions

BlueSnap is Level 1 PCI compliant, the highest level of security, so all you need is to do fill out an SAQ-A form to be fully PCI compliant.

Reduce Fraud

Fraud is only expected to rise in the coming years for eCommerce. The Soulja Boy fraud case made headlines in 2015 by losing $175k in fraudulent transactions. It’s a great example of the cost of fraud. That’s why BlueSnap integrates directly with award-winning fraud prevention software, Kount.

Increase Sales with Intelligent Payment Routing

We are also able to increase sales by increasing transaction approval rates. Sometimes cards get false declines. We see this a lot in cross-border transactions, bank network goes down, or there is a currency mismatch between the product and the approving bank. This is where Intelligent Payment Routing comes in and boosts sales by up to 17%. BlueSnap built a payment infrastructure with global transactions in mind, so we knew having multiple connections to banks around the world was going to be a key differentiating factor. Not only do we have another bank to try if there is an outage, we also have a way to re-route cross border transactions to the local bank that has the highest possibility to accept the transaction.



One final note: BlueSnap’s full payment platform is called the Powered Buy™ Platform. It includes many more features than are available in the Shopify integration. You are welcome to check it out, and see our plug-ins for other popular cart platforms as well.


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