Was The 2015 Holiday Shopping Season Naughty or Nice?

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Was The 2015 Holiday Shopping Season Naughty or Nice? [Infographic]

Written by: Hanna Wolsfelt

2015 holiday shopping was the year of change. Though the season may be officially over (good luck with those returns), there are many things that we can learn that will have a lasting impact on trends that will not only affect this year’s holiday season, but eCommerce and shopping in general. What are they? We’ve created a handy infographic to keep your business on track for 2016.

2015 Holiday Shopping Infographic:

2015 Holiday Shopping eCommerce Infographic
Infographic By Stephanie Farber (BlueSnap)

Going Mobile

If you haven’t heard yet, this season beat forecasts with a whopping $69 billion spent on eCommerce shopping – this is up 13% from 2014. It seems obvious that there is a vast shift from brick-and-mortar shopping to online, especially when it comes to holiday shopping. But let’s remember that there are two ways of shopping online: desktop and mobile. While in the past, most people would turn to their desktops to shop – this year mobile was the shining star. Desktop purchases only grew 6% to 56.4 billion (disappointing its prediction of 9%), while mobile purchases were up 59% to $12.7 billion. It will be interesting to see how mobile continues to take over the eCommerce world, and if people will soon be enjoying their hot cocoa (we’re not going to ask what it’s spiked with) on the couch, instead of getting trampled on Black Friday, while making their purchases. As this shift to online shopping is clear, it is not surprising that Cyber Monday came in as the winner for generating more revenue than any other day this season. After this trend became clear, many people are predicting that we may see Cyber Monday overtake Black Friday in years coming.


Counting Coupons

Another interesting thing to note is the trend of consumers using coupons for holiday shopping – while normally 8% of your shoppers will abandon their cart if no coupon is available, over 90% of consumers used coupons from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. 100% of the eCommerce merchants who have the highest conversions on their sites have figured out that coupons are a key to converting customers. Consumers love to get a deal, and the trend seems to be shifting towards more and more consumers abandoning if they aren’t able to find one. If your eCommerce store can’t accept coupons, you probably need to reconsider whom you are using as your payment gateway.


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