A Glimpse Into Tech Innovation in Israel

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A Glimpse Into Tech Innovation in Israel

Written by: BlueSnap Editor

I just returned from another visit to Israel to spend some quality time in our BlueSnap office. It was a week full of great meetings with customers, partners, and of course our own internal powerhouse team. Amongst the fabulous weather, and amazing food that I’m always awed by, there was the constant buzz of innovation in the air, in a place that sometimes reminds me of a mini Silicon Valley.

Mobile commerce seemed to be at the center of the conversation, getting a lot of the attention and subsequent investment across the board. Many of our tech related customers were well on their way as well. Companies like Appoxee, VisualLead, and Newvem all have had good news to report over the past few months. I also personally stumbled on some cool new technology companies that have gotten my seal of approval, GetTaxi and Waze.

On the customer front, BlueSnap already has a solid client base in Israel, and we’ve been making some strong inroads with several new technology related merchants. Our better conversion rates are being realized by many, as they are consistently experiencing less shopping cart abandonment, and better traction worldwide as we continue to add new countries, payment types, currencies, and localized pages to our offering. Always great to meet with customers and hear we are making a positive difference to their business.

Overall a great trip,

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