Kicking Off Summer in Style with the AGC Corporate Regatta

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Kicking Off Summer in Style with the AGC Corporate Regatta

Written by: Marielle Mekkaoui

Taking a break from the world of payments and getting some fun in with the folks at the office is an important part of life at BlueSnap. So we jumped at the chance to participate in the annual AGC Corporate Regatta at the Boston Sailing Center. We have been known to have fun outside of the office, working at community farms and taking in the occasional sporting event, but we knew that sailing a boat around Boston Harbor was on a whole other level.


But we knew that the crack team we put together was up to the challenge. Maurice was going to be the captain. Handsome and cool under pressure, we knew he would have what we needed to bring glory to the company. Matt was the first mate. Steady and loyal, we knew he would have the trust of the crew. Bob and Dave were the deckhands, working hard and having fun, trying not to fall overboard.


Our ship, the “Alexa”, was a 27 foot, mid-range sailboat with great lines and a fast hull. Our crew, while inexperienced, was eager to learn, and they quickly mastered the art of close quarter regatta racing. With each tack and jibe, the movements of the crew became sharper, and their confidence quickly grew. Even when Captain Maurice almost put Bob and Matt into the harbor on a particularly sharp tacking maneuver their confidence in their ship and its crew did not waiver.


In the end, victory eluded the BlueSnap team, but a good time was had by all. The party afterwards featured a raw bar, live music, and the occasional sea chantey. Getting out of the office for a day of sailboat racing on Boston harbor was an experience that the team would never forget. “Where we go one, we go all” – The crew of the good ship Alexa.


Check out some of our pictures from the AGC Corporate Regatta:

agc corporate regatta _ 1









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