Why I'm Excited for Apple Pay on the Web

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Why I’m Excited About Apple Pay Coming to the Browser and You Should Be Too

Written by: Marielle Mekkaoui

Ever since I got my iPhone 6 and quickly enabled Apple Pay, I am always a little giddy when I am able to use it. I feel like I know something other people don’t. Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Wegman’s are my most frequented stores – I have two boys and a husband, we go through a lot of food. Don’t judge. I head to the store with my iPhone (shopping list on the Wunderlist app – love that app), reusable shopping bags and car keys so that I get my loyalty points. By the way, when is THAT going to be integrated, Apple? Checkout is a breeze with a tap of my phone. No more digging into my ginormous bag for my wallet and my checkout time is about 10 seconds faster than those with an EMV card, IF the chip reader is even turned on yet.


Other than grocery shopping and an occasional stop in a local bookstore or gift shop I never, I mean never shop in store. There is just too much friction for me and it takes too much time. As a working mom I don’t have time to browse through aisles for what I want when I can do it with a click of a few buttons from the comfort of my couch.


I do have 1, ONE in-store experience that has stuck with me and of course it happened at the Apple Store.


I needed an adaptor to connect my MacBook Air to my TV so my husband and I could stream Bottleshock on the 40th anniversary of the Paris Wine Tasting of which the movie is based on. I walked into the store and was promptly met by someone friendly and helpful who directed me to the 2nd floor. I spotted the adaptors and a salesperson was ready with a POS device in her hand to check me out. She promptly scanned the item, I paid with Apple Pay, she emailed me a receipt and I was walking out the door barely 5 minutes later with my adaptor. Perfection.


That’s pretty much what happens online. Find what you want and then pay. And the online retailers that can mimic that… will have shoppers for life. Think Amazon.


Apple Pay on the Browser

So when Apple announced at WWDC that Apple Pay was coming to the browser this fall, I was stoked. It is limited to just Safari and shoppers must have an iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch to authentic the purchase via their fingerprint or passcode. But I think it could really eliminate friction at checkout and convert more shoppers into buyers, which is also our primary goal at BlueSnap.


As I’ve just said myself, consumers are turning to their mobile devices for purchases more frequently then ever. With the screen and keyboard being so small, it’s easy to fat-finger your address and get a decline by accident. This new functionality of Apple Pay will eliminate that. With the use of the fingerprint sensor, you won’t need to enter payment and shipping information – making purchases easier on mobile phones. This will not only make for happy customers, but also increase conversion rates for merchants.


Adding alternative payment methods has been a long-standing differentiator for online merchants. While the first battle to overcome was with accepting international payment methods, the newest battle in the eCommerce space is reducing friction at checkout. Adding alternatives such as Apple Pay and MasterPass are going to differentiate merchants in this need-for-efficiency environment. Because, lets be serious, if I can buy something on Amazon with one-click checkout and two day shipping, I’m going to do it in a heartbeat.


Maybe now more online retailers can mimic the slick 1-click checkout experience that Amazon has. For my shopping sake and yours, I hope this is the way online retail is heading.

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